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» Esteri Dahl
Esteri Dahl
 Posted: Nov 13 2012, 05:23 PM
D7 Stylist
36 Years
142 LBS
13-November 12 • 355 Moneys


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Full Name: Esteri Valenzia Dahl
Age: 36
District: Capitol
Occupation: Hunger Games Stylist (District 7)

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142

About: Esteri has always been a free-spirited sort of girl; she became interested in District Seven as a chlid watching the Reapings footage and declared that she would visit there one day, much to her family's amusement, particularly because her father works in cosmetics manufacturing. Esteri might be a bit of a dreamer, but she's also quite determined; she became interested in fashion when she was a teenager and pursued the interest through design school and right into her first internships with Capitol designers. She landed an assistantship with the District 10 stylist when she was 27 and took over the head position a year ago, only to be promoted to her dream position as the District 7 stylist after her work in the first two parts of the Quell. She's a quirky sort of girl who prefers materials that come from nature, in stark contrast to many of her colleagues, and her passion is promoting organic cosmetics and all-natural fabrics to the Capitol designers.

Physical Skills:
  • Sewing; she has long, nimble fingers and can stitch a hem up faster than you could zip a zipper.
  • Endurance; Esteri is a runner, up at 4 every morning, and she's built up a lot of endurance that way. She's also pretty good at working all day & all night, another type of endurance entirely!
Mental Skills:
  • Creative; not only are her designs noteworthy, like her colleagues', but Esteri likes to challenge herself even further by using natural materials and still creating designs that will impress the Capitolites.
  • Patient; Esteri is endlessly patient & understanding, particularly with her tributes, who she admires as incredibly brave people.
Physical Weaknesses:
  • Poor eyesight; Esteri's trademark happens to be her glasses, but they're not just for style--she's horribly nearsighted. Without her glasses or contacts, she's as good as blind, which is problematic for her work on occasion, but she refuses to get corrective surgery.
  • Allergies; Esteri is horribly allergic to shellfish, and she stays far away from the District Four-themed dishes at parties.
Mental Weaknesses:
  • Stubborn; Esteri can be stubborn to a fault sometimes, particularly when debating the body-altering trends of the Capitol.
  • Spacey; Esteri is a dreamer, and she can get easily distracted by an idea or a design or even just a strange train of thought.
user posted image

Name: Ellie
Previous Characters: Every character whose name ever started with 'L.'
How Did You Hear About Us?: Megashark told me.

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Written Description: Esteri is tall and fairly slender, but the most noticeable thing about her is her bright red hair; it's natural, and she rarely cuts it, but rather lets it grow long & wild. She's a stylish girl, but in a quirky sort of way, and she insists on using materials for her clothing that come from nature, both in what she makes and buys for herself and what she designs for her tributes.
Type of Clothing: Esteri stays on trend, but she tends to favor earth tones for herself, so her clothes might the same cut and fashion as what everyone's wearing, but in more subdued tones. She likes anything strange or reminiscent of nature.
Other: Esteri's not a fan of permanent body modification, but she does love body art, and she'll paint on both herself and whoever she's styling. She's an artist as well as a stylist, and she particularly loves to paint faces and hands.

user posted image

General Personality: Esteri is a very positive, upbeat person. She's always looking at the good in things and in people and is a total glass half-full sort of person. She rarely has negative things to say about someone, unless they have crossed her and earned her wrath which, contrary to what those who don't know her well believe, can be fearsome. She's not a lady you want to mess with; once you're on her bad side, it takes quite a while to get back in her good graces. But then, it takes quite a lot to get on her bad side, anyway.

She's very passionate about what she does; she's been in love with the pictures she's seen of District Seven since she was nine years old, and she's just achieved one of her greatest life goals in landing the D7 stylist position. One of the main things she's passionate about is using natural materials for her clothing; anything she designs uses organic fabrics and dyes and is hand-made from all-natural fabrics. She has a habit of pushing her all-natural ideals when she's around the other stylist, but she tries not to judge people who use synthetic materials; the only thing that pisses her off is when people won't even listen to her about it.

She's very mellow overall and tries not to be judgmental or to cause people stress or drama; she's a good listener and great advice-giver and tends to be a bit motherly when people are upset. But she also loves to have fun; Esteri is a dreamer, but a very determined one, and when an idea strikes her, she likes to take off and go see if she can make it happen. She can't thrive without a project at hand; she always has to have something to be working on. Sometimes, she's a bit spacey, especially if she's intrigued by something--anything that catches her interest will get her full attention, and whatever else is going on seems to fade away while she pursues whatever it is she finds interesting.
+being outside
+the rural districts
+painting or drawing
-anti-aging technology
-any sort of synthetic fabric
-smoking, excessive drinking...most Victor vices
-drama or any sort of negativity
-shellfish (she's allergic!)

-Holds a grudge
-Can come off a bit preachy

--Revamp District 7's image through her designs
--To become stylist to a District 7 Victor (after having been their tribute stylist)
--Esteri is afraid of failure most of all; she doesn't want to shame either herself or the district and tributes entrusted to her.

Thoughts about His/Her District: Esteri has never known anything but the Capitol, and so she likes it because it is her home, but she has no feelings of superiority over the district residents, knowing she can't help where she was born any more than they could. She generally likes the Capitol and the visual energy of the place, which is important for a designer, but she's not a huge fan of some of their group mentalities and prejudices.
Thoughts on the Hunger Games: Esteri has never revered the Hunger Games for the death and bloodshed, but because she feels going into the arena is the bravest thing a person can do. In her opinion, the tributes she dresses are already heroes for their districts and their countries, even if they die in the first sixty seconds, and she admires the tributes, not the Games.

Role in Family: Esteri is the youngest of three siblings, the daughter of a cosmetics manufacturer, and the family wild child.
Role in Society: Hunger Games stylist
Anticipation for the Future: Esteri plans to work as a Games stylist until she has seen at least one tribute through to Victory, at which time she hopes to become a personal stylist.

user posted image

Background: Esteri was born to a 'normal' Capitol family, with two older siblings and a father high up in the cosmetics manufacturing business. Her mother, a personal shopper, exposed Esteri early to the world of fashion, though at the age of nine, it was the natural world that began to interest her, after she saw some beautiful shots of the forests in District Seven while she and her family watched that year's Reapings. She thought it was by far the prettiest place she had ever seen, and she promptly informed her family that she would visit there one day, which they all found rather amusing.

But as she grew up, Esteri found a way to combine her love of nature and fashion into something worthwhile and sustainable: a career as a stylist promoting organic and all-natural materials. She went to one of the top fashion design schools in the Capitol and gained a reputation as a rather pushy but determined student and a promising young stylist, whose crazy ideas often turned into elegant (yet organic!) fashions.

Upon leaving school, Esteri interned with several major Capitol fashion designers, though her aspiration was always to work for the Hunger Games, so she could visit the place she had longed to see since she was a child. When she was 27, she finally (on her third interview for a Games position) landed an assistantship with the District 10 stylist, with whom she worked for the next seven years. She took over the position upon his retirement and started pushing her designs on the tributes of Ten, only to have been awarded, at the close of the 100.B Games, a promotion to her dream position as the stylist for District 7.


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 Posted: Nov 13 2012, 05:32 PM
Bus Driver
26 Years
District Twelve
9-September 11 • 2530 Moneys


a c c e p t e d

Thanks for joining the board! Your character has been approved, and you may begin RPing. Don't forget to visit claims and tallies. Have fun on the site.

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