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» Taylor, Gemgebralth, (dungeon master)
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Nov 8 2010, 11:44 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
2-November 10 • 30259 Moneys


user posted image

user posted image

Name: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
Age: 35
Date of Birth:
District: Capitol
Occupation: Scientist

Current Living Condition: The Taylor family lives in a home in suburban Capitol. It's in a quiet community. Dr. Taylor has a laboratory where he can work from home, should he desire.

user posted image

user posted image

Written Description:
Type of Clothing: Nice black trousers, a good shirt with a tie. Normally black shirt and red tie. A lab coat to state his authority.

user posted image

General Personality: Gem is intelligent. As a scientist and prominent figure in the Hunger Games, he is brilliant by any standards. He received a PhD in biomedical sciences and, though he is not a practicing doctor, he knows how the human body works and exploits it for the purposes of entertainment. Gem is a great lover of bloodshed, even without the presence of the Games. There is something about the warm, red liquid which fascinates him, and he cannot deny his lust for seeing it spilled. He maintains a strong self control and is not a complete psychopathic maniac; he does not kill others when he can have it done for him. The exception, of course, was his wife.

Those who know Gem know that he is arrogant and confident in his work. He does not like to converse with those who he believes are intellectually inferior, and should he be forced to do so, he will make sure that the other person knows that he is the brain in the conversation.

Compared to the rest of Capitol society, Gem is conservative. He lives in a house in the suburbs with his two daughters. Unlike most Capitolites, he does not dye his hair or alter his appearance; he believes that by being professional he will be noticed regardless of the bright hair. Further, it is too distracting. However, every year, Gem celebrates the Hunger Games like the rest of the Capitol citizens.

Not only do the Hunger Games entertain him, but they are his job. He began his time as a researcher and developer for the biological aspects of the Games, but quickly rose to power after creating a crowd-pleasing muttation and creative fauna. He is the head scientist for the Games and while he doesn't make all the decisions, he does have a solid reputation for being one of the people behind the annual bloodfest.

The only thing more important to Gem than his work are his son and daughter. He has two children, age 8 and 12, and they mean the world to him. As a single father, it is his duty to make sure that they grow up to be the best citizens of Panem. Which shouldn't be too hard since he's their father and therefore they're ahead of their peers by birth alone. He attends all of their events, encourages their school work, and regulates what the tutors teach them. He puts aside his work to spend time with them. Every year they have an annual Hunger Games party in which the three of them sit in front of the TV and watch the Cornucopia. This is huge for them, since, as a man who should be attending the kick-off parties, he instead declines them to spend time with his family.




Thoughts about His/Her District: Of course he lives in the Capitol; he is too intelligent to live with the filthy scum of the districts, and there is no way he would raise his children with such inferior low-lifes.
Thoughts on the Hunger Games: Gem works on the Hunger Games. While he wouldn't describe it as "his life," it consumes much of his time.

Role in Family:
Role in Society:
Anticipation for the Future:

user posted image

About Winning the Hunger Games: (Victors only! Everyone else, please delete)

Background: The Taylor family lives in a mid-sized house within the Capitol. As a scientist, his income is fair, though he does not flaunt his wealth. Most of his money is saved away or invested in other means besides many of the current trends of the Capitol. They have a nice yard, though Gem pays a landscaper to take care of it because he doesn’t have time to mess with such frivolous things. Inside the house is calm, quiet and clean. Gem does not tolerate mess. However, once one enters in his office, one would believe otherwise: it’s a flurry of papers, books, science magazines and receipts. It is an organized chaos; he knows—or says he knows—the location of everything he needs. His children are not allowed to enter his office without permission. They are never allowed to enter his laboratory unless he is with them.

Gem’s wife is dead. He brutally murdered her four years ago after "political" disagreements, despite that he loved her greatly. She lay bleeding on the floor with a knife in her chest and called his name, begging for forgiveness. Though it pained him, he refused to assist her. She died from the injuries, and Gem was suspected of the murder. However, due to errors in the case, his neighbor was found guilty of the crime and executed. To say Gem lives guilt-free is a lie; to say that he would never do it again is another lie. Gem is not proud of his actions, but he knew it had to be done.

Despite the family turmoil—which was kept quiet so as minimize disturbance to the children—the Taylor family gets along well. The children are well educated, and Gem sees that they have the best tutors possible. He does not trust the school system to educate them—not because he does not trust the government but because he knows that they’re the best children in the city and deserve the best education possible. He preens them and makes sure they use proper manners and good etiquette. He has no doubt that his children are intelligent and capable of being future leaders of Panem.


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