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Dash Holts
 Posted: Oct 26 2011, 09:00 PM
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He was losing his mind. It was the only explanation. Dash wasn't sure how long he'd been in this place. He hadn't been given a reason or cause for being held captive. Every night he had dreams of things he couldn't remember in the morning, and large chunks of what had occurred during the day were missing from his memory. All he knew was that he didn't want to remember.

And it was horrible. It terrified him.

But if it was so terrible, wouldn't that mean he'd be MORE likely to remember? And he could swear he remembered pain...but there was never a scratch on him. No sign of having ever been injured.

He was losing his mind.

Dash had been escorted to a sterile room and checked on by a doctor. None of his quiet but unnerved questions had been answered. They'd given him a shot of something that made his heart feel like it was going to explode. Then he'd become extremely dizzy. Then darkness.

Now he was standing in a dark box. Dash reached out, touched the cold metal walls. Something was wrong. Something didn't feel right...but he didn't know what it was. Suddenly a wall fell away with a woosh and he stumbled forward into a lightened room....

Weapons everywhere. There was a sound of another door opening and Dash raced over to the nearest weapon. An axe. He clutched it in his hands, trying to steady his breathing.

"Kill or be killed. You have two minutes. Starting now." A strange deep voice informed him, a voice completely devoid of emotion. He could have sworn he'd heard it before...but he didn't know where. Which would have upset him more...but he stumbled forward instead, towards whatever monster he was supposed to kill. A monster...or a muttation right?

And then he froze. Because it wasn't a monster or a muttation. It was a human. In a jumpsuit. Just like him.

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