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    Our next Hunger Games is a little different than our previous ones. Called "Battle Royale," this Hunger Games will feature one lucky class to be sent to the Hunger Games together. Mr. Dressler's honors history class tried to ignite revolution in Panem. And for their trouble, they will be sent to the arena together. Join us by making a high school junior (16-17 years old) from District 11. See the Battle Royale Subforum for more information. We aim to start in December so now's the time to start developing your character!
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After four years, we have decided to close down Sixth Station. The site has meant so much to many of us who spent countless hours into our game. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our game.

The 101-Fall Hunger Games are wrapping up. You have 24-48 hours to enter the final posts. Members can still post in the "History of Sixth Station" and the "Connection" forums.

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Hey guys, read the appropriate topics and place your applications in this forum. Your applications will be processed ASAP so that you can begin to RP. Any corrections needed in your application will either be posted in the thread or PMed to your account.

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Character applications which are not completed in a timely manner will be found in the character archives at the bottom of the board. PM me the link if you would like the character returned here for application review.


» Character Creation Rules, Please read
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Jun 30 2014, 07:27 PM
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Character Creation Rules
Rules for all Characters

1. Characters must be appropriate for the setting. Be aware that our Panem is different from the books. The average District 12 resident does not live in third-world poverty, though District 12 is poorer than any other district.

2. There is no limit to the number of characters you may have, but please be reasonable. If you cannot maintain your threads with one character, do not make a second until you can balance your first. If you get out of hand, I will put you on “character ban” until you get situated.

3. Characters can die. If you enter the Hunger Games, they will die. If your non-tribute character finds himself in an illegal or life-threatening position, there is a chance he/she will die. (In-character actions have in-character consequences.)

4. Due to the nature of this RP, it is very important to make sure that characters are balanced both physically and mentally. To avoid having characters whose strengths overwhelm their weaknesses, we ask for each character to have physical and mental strengths and weaknesses.

5. If you would like to have a character whose family member died in the Hunger Games, please contact the person who plays the Victor of the Hunger Games the family member died in to make sure that someone else hasn’t already claimed that position.

6. No book characters. No characters who are related to book characters. This site is AU and is in a different “universe,” if you will.

7. No characters with multiple personality disorder (MPD) or dissociative identity disorder (DID) are allowed. Please treat any other disorder—physical or mental—with respect and research.

Reapable Character Rules

1. Your character will die if reaped. There is a 1/24 chance that he/she will live—that is a 4% chance of surviving the Hunger Games. Do not make a character and/or go into the Hunger Games with the mentality that the character will win.

2. “Just-in-case” characters are not encouraged. These are non-Career district characters who are trained just in case they get reaped.

3. Balance your characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

4. Asthma, old injuries and deafness in one ear are overdone as weaknesses.

Victor Character Rules

1. One victor per Hunger Games. All districts and genders have been allotted to each Hunger Games.

2. Be active. If you go inactive, your character is removed and the victor position is opened for another person to play.

3. Additional rules relating to victors are found in the claim thread.

Hunger Games Staff Rules

1. Escorts have pre-determined names, appearances, and personalities. This is to give people something concrete to work with. (Over the years, people came and went, and tributes were never sure who was an escort.) You are welcome to adopt them for play.

2. Prep Team members must be at least 18 years of age. They must have at least five years of experience to be a prep team member for Districts 1-6. (This is an OoC rule and not one that is mentioned IC.)

3. Stylists must be at least 18 years of age. They must have at least ten years of experience to be a stylist for Districts 1-6. (This is an OoC rule and not one that is mentioned IC.)

4. Gamemakers must be 18 years of age. They must have at least 10 years of experience to be a senior Gamemaker.

5. Other Hunger Games staff (researchers, scientists, experts, specialists, etc) must be realistic in age in relation to the job duties they perform.

Peacekeeper Rules

1. Peacekeepers must be at least 18 years of age. They train and serve for 5 years regardless of age before they are allowed to marry and start a family.

2. Peacekeepers must be in good shape. They are required to run and be physically active.

3. They are allowed to travel between districts and Capitol, but only as their job permits.

Avox Rules

1. People are made avoxes for breaking the rules in a way that’s significant enough that it requires more than a beating but not so serious that they would be executed. Normally they are made avoxes for rebelling against the Capitol.

2. Characters of all ages can be made avoxes, though child avoxes are rare.

3. If a character is a district resident turned avox, he/she is sent to the Capitol or to another part of the districts to work. If the character was originally from the Capitol, he/she is sent to the district to work. They can travel as needed with the permission of their masters.

4. Avoxes have had their tongues removed.

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