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» Insight's A No Show, tag; Merry/Fading
Sebastian Gates-Kava
 Posted: Jun 7 2012, 12:47 PM
100.C Games Champion
19 Years
155 LBS
District Ten
13-April 12 • 270 Moneys


There was a certain heaviness in the air that followed him ever since the Games had officially ended. He supposed Bolt meant well by his offer of a place to stay... But it felt so odd in that house. The family was nice, at least... And he did take a liking to some of the animals there, too. Hell, he even liked the fact that he could sneak down to the basement and practice with that bow and arrow that had more or less become his now. He was getting better, mildly, but he still needed more practice before he could really use it to hunt like he had planned.

But the heaviness still endured, and the house seemed like a constant reminder of just how close Orsino had come to that victory that would have returned the boy home to him. It was torturous, even, that he felt useless there. Not a burden - it was hard to be a burden to a family with a Victor in it. But he felt useless - like there was so very little he could do to help the family or himself there. He even still carried around his backpack of clothes and knives... even if he would have to return there for some of the things that he had taken from Orsino's room.

Like the puzzle star.

His chest heaved a bit as he started to move through this area of town and checked the ink on his arm. Just one thing to deliver here and he would be done for the day, actually. That was mildly why he liked his job. It made things very, very easy some days... And given that he felt he needed some space today, he could use only having to worry about one small thing. So he ducked his head, trying not to mind as he made somewhat forced, almost sluggish steps down the street of one of the few wealthy areas of Ten. It looked familiar - reminded him of that girl who had asked what Orsino was like and...

He pushed past the urge to cry again.

It was going to be a long day.

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