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» Oh, the possibilities..., JIMMY/PEPPER
Junia Alba
 Posted: Jul 16 2013, 08:21 PM
D6 Escort
42 Years
5' 7"
126 lbs LBS
16-June 13 • 105 Moneys


And so the horrible pain and bloodletting that was her employ was over, for now. Perhaps for a while now. The Quarter Quell was over and now maybe things could go back to normal. She had to admit a weary sense of defeat, though. Four extra Games and still no closer to a winner! Not for District Six anyway, and not for her. At times, especially looking in the mirror to retouch her make-up, or sometimes in the mornings, Junia could almost scream it out loud. Irregardless of her many talents, she was still a failure. She'd given up a lucrative and very successful career in modelling for this and all she had to show for it was a Champion. A fluke of the Quell, really, though the dear girl was a joy to be around with.

In fact, she had taken Windy out a few times now, sometimes going with some of her other young protogés, other times just enjoying the time spent together. It was another way of spreading her influence, of staying fresh in people's mind as someone with means and a caring heart. Of course, it was hard to pretend all the time. Over the years, sometimes without meaning to, she had found herself becoming a true friend to some of these girls she took under her wing. Not that she'd ever have qualms about exploiting their friendship for an important favor, but the connection was still there. Real.

So now here she was, at Hal's home in the lonely Victor's Village, knocking on his door. There was a thought that kept running through her head. It was the same topic they had talked about during the last Games, about somehow bending the rules of the game, getting someone to volunteer, someone with the potential to win and go back home a Victor. She wasn't sure she could speak to him about it here, but she could perhaps start a conversation that circled the topic, and maybe one day soon she could bring it up without being overheard.

She knocked on the door again, wearing a form-fitting dress in bright yellows and maroons. Her hair was adorned with lace and all sorts of delicate arrangements that may or may not have mimicked a floral arrangement. Her nails were uselessly long, but gorgeously painted to match her garment specifically. The make-up was matching.

user posted image
Pepper Chamilsa
 Posted: Jul 16 2013, 09:55 PM
Student / Career
16 Years
137 LBS
District Six
18-October 12 • 200 Moneys


Pepper had biked home from school earlier that day and had arrived just as her father had been heading out the door - apparently going out to grab some groceries. But from the way he looked, she knew the real answer. He was stressed and, even with a second pair of hands helping him take care of the twins, it was getting to him.

But she knew better than to say anything and just finished up whatever bullshit homework that she needed to finish before changing into some work out clothes and then marching down to the basement.

She had started off with a bit of a jog for a few laps around the large place before taking to the punching bag to warm herself up. She eventually booted up the mechanical dummy that they had rather discreetly collected from a very talented man in District Three.

It was around now when she decided that it was time for a break and had marched up the stairs to get something to eat - just something small to keep her going for the next part of her work out. She wasn't about to gorge herself before starting up work with weapons. That would only make her throw up, which was never pleasant. So she grabbed a little cup of yogurt from the fridge, tore it open, and started to eat it with a spoon.

She was a little surprised at the first knock. Most people didn't frequent the Victor Village often - why would they? Still, she moved towards the front door in the little foyer area and opened it up just as the person knocked again. She paused as she stared at the woman at their door, eyes widening for a moment.

"Um... hello?"

She knew who this woman was. The escort for District Six... except... wouldn't Dad have told her if she was coming? Yes, he would have... He normally made a point of telling her when anyone from the Capitol was coming to visit him. At first he had simply instructed her to be busy, but soon it became obvious that he really meant he wanted her either hiding away in her room or (better still) not even at home. He didn't like exposing her to the life of the Capitol, and some part of her appreciated that, even if this made for this... awkward moment. "Um... Hal's not here right now, I'm afraid."
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