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» is it what i need?, SCARLETT.
Zane Marrone
 Posted: Nov 30 2013, 12:52 PM
18 Years
184 LBS
District Six
24-November 13 • 70 Moneys


"Parents," He sighed heavily beneath his breathe as he calmly organized his school books into his bag. An aggravation had begun to slowly but surely beat between his eyes as he parents had arrived home, only to harp and moan at him on the subject of his sister once more. "They aren't even home to see it." From the moment he heard the door creak open, his mother had been on about how he needed to spend more time on himself rather than worrying about Lorena. 'She will be fine,' she claimed with the utmost belief there was nothing wrong with her daughter. 'Honestly, Zane... worrying about her and crowding her in her room all day is not going to make it any better. If anything, you're more than likely furthering her.' Shaking his head as the remnants of their brief argument continued to twist and turn in his brain, the young man stepped foot out of the backdoor of the Marrone household and slowly began to make his way to anywhere but there. His heart beat heavier and heavier, with each step he took he became more and more agitated with his parental units.

He understood their side only slightly; why couldn't they see just how sick was their daughter? It had been the truth, that him standing around by her side and doing the little things he had been was not going to cure her ailments. The young man knew he was at least making a little improvement in her quality of life as she struggled. Lorena was his heart, his soul... They had always been so close. To lose her now would end his emotions, his reason for living, and his breath. She was the oxygen to his lungs and the sun to his skies.

With each step further into the backyard, Zane could feel his muscles free from their tensed state ever so slightly. Closing his hazel eyes and inhaling the deepest of breaths, his mind freed too. The sun's rays peaked from behind the one stray cloud quickly and immediately warmed the space around him as he fell to his knees. Time alone might do him some good, he reckoned, upon pushing himself backward to sit comfortably on his rear. The fresh air was already alleviating his tension headache. Lorena was still on his mind, but he knew he needed to pay more attention to himself. Suddenly he could feel how tight his shoulders were and how weak his legs suddenly felt after sitting on them briefly; he had not been working out as he should have. Sure, he walked, but it was not enough. Sure, he are healthy, but he was not eating as frequently as needed. Maybe he truly was beginning to neglect himself, as his father had pointed out. Shaking his head as he fell back onto the cool grass, he tucked his hands into his jacket pocket and stared up at the sky. Even a chilly winter's day proved to be much warmer than the inside of the Marrone home some days.
Scarlett Leigh Porterfield
 Posted: Dec 6 2013, 07:39 AM
16 Years
153 lbs LBS
District Eight
4-January 13 • 395 Moneys


Scarlett had taken off home early that morning, to simply go for a run through the districts, to enjoy the morning unfolding as she left Eight's borders for the other Districts in a steady jogging pace. Colors varying from red to pink and back colored the morning sky, dragging the tree's shadows on until they tickled Scarlett's ever running on feet, their odd shapes illustrating the grass ground with small spots of sunlight that peeked through the clouds. Scarlett felt like she could be running forever, all alone on this world, as though the Games and the Capitol and everything simply didn't excist. A song came to her head and Scarlett started humming, the rythm from her feet the constant beat on the background and the wind blowing along her ears and making her hair float as a distant sound effect.

Scarlett didn't even realise she'd reached District Six, not even when she nearly just walked into someone's backyard, the humming had by then changed into a low singing, her legs had grown tired, feet aching and throat soar and still, Scarlett didn't stop. Jogging was a part of her training routine her parents had tought her from the moment she'd been old enough to train, not for the Games but to serve the FPA until the moment she died. And so Scarlett guessed she would. She would serve the alliance until the moment she died, like she was destined to because of her parents. Like her sister would've if she'd still been alive. If she hadn't died in that stupid accident. Scarlett speeded up, and barely noticed to boy who sat in his backyard as she jogged past him.


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