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» Interviews & Training Scores, Closes 12/27
 Posted: Dec 22 2014, 01:33 PM
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As usual, training scores and interviews are optional. If you have to choose one or the other, go with the interview because it's public. They must be received by Friday, December 26th at 9 PM PST. Please send them to my Cyril de Rieux account as two separate PMs per character: one for training scores and one for interviews.

Training Scores

Word Max: 500 words
Content: Write a third-person post of your character at the individual training center. It’s just your character and the Gamemakers, and you have any weapons or tools you desire, so long as they are realistic and fit the setting (ie: no flame throwers). Remember, do not make your character all powerful. Do not make your character do 139828391 things in one post. We’d much rather see a post written on one weapon/station and have it written well than someone who writes a post trying to accomplish too much and makes his/her character appear all-powerful. Training sessions should match your character’s profile sheet, not contradict it.

We’re serious about the word maximum, by the way. Please be respectful of it—we read a great many sessions.

Remember that ultimately the training scores mean nothing and you will not get a bonus for a high score. Instead, it will be used purely for RP development. If you do not submit a session, we’ll make up a score for you.


Word Max: 1,500 words
Content: Write a third-person post of your character being interviewed by Gell Hammond, the Hunger Games interviewer. Remember, this is live before the Capitolites and will be broadcast across Panem. You must use the information below about Gell, but you are allowed to ask any questions provided that they fit Gell’s personality. Remember that the interview lasts only a couple of minutes, and should therefore not be too long. It is suggested you have no more than five questions, though more are allowed if the answers are short, or your characters are not very vocal. If you get stuck on questions, you can look at previous interviews from other games.

Gell: the Hunger Games interviewer, Gell has been around since the 99th Hunger Games. He’s a cheery, good natured fellow and he wants to represent the Tributes in the best light possible, and therefore stays away from questions that may make people question any tribute’s character. For the interview, he's wearing a light cyan tux with white and silver accents. He has three purple and pink earrings in each ear and bright green hair. His teeth are engraved with tiny pictures of potatoes.

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Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Dec 26 2014, 04:18 PM
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Because I regrettably did not get this up in time, we've decided to extend it 24 hours. Yay.

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