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» bad girls die?, tag: Cicero
Joe Harkness
 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 09:57 AM
-- • Moneys

T H E R E ' S ˇ N O ˇ W A Y ˇ T O ˇ E X P L A I N
user posted image
( all the pleasure is worth all the pain)
" They say you're something I should do without; they don't know what goes on when the lights go out "
    Joe Harkness was never good with words. She never spoke much, she just listened and watched. In her eyes there was no reason to talk when it wasn't needed, so she simply didn't waste her tongue. Some teased her about it, especially when she was out with colleagues from school, but she never really cared.

    Though, admittedly, she sometimes wished she could tell stories like Cicero did. Everyone liked him. Especially the girls. He kept telling stories about them and it seemed he changed the women he slept with even more often than his shirts. So he claimed, at least. You see, Joe learned pretty quickly the more the guy talked about his conquests and sex life, the little it really had in common with the truth.

    Joe didn't care about that, though. He was.... well, a kind of a friend. They both promised each other that they will volunteer together if a member of their families gets reaped. That was their silent pack. When this years twist was announced, Joe was happy. It meant her and Cicero's families were safe.

    When the reaping had ended and people started to go back to their business, Joe was waiting around the corner for Adonis. When he separated from the crowd, she whistled and waved to bring his attention to her, standing with her back against the wall and arms crossed. ”You must really be glad you're not really named Adonis.”

(TAG)Cicero (WORDCOUNT) 240 (OUTFIT) Here (LYRICS) LeAnn Rimes - Right Kind of Wrong

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