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» Willows, Palette
Palette Willows
 Posted: Jan 6 2011, 08:09 PM
N/A Years
27-December 10 • 210 Moneys


user posted image

user posted image

Name: Palette Henrietta Willows
Age: 12
Date of Birth: December 31st
District: 2
Occupation: Student, career, tribute

Current Living Condition: She lives in a nice home with her parents; slightly better than other residents.

user posted image

Written Description: Palette is a short girl with dark skin and black hair. Her eyes are a light brown color. She is a slim girl, and slightly weak, but luckily for her she knows exactly where to strike.
Type of Clothing: Colorful and trendy. That's what Palette loves. If it's bland, she won't wear it unless her parents insist she does. Palette prefers to wear skirts that go to at least the shins, unless it has anything to do with an animal, then she won't care if it completely engulfs her feet.

user posted image

General Personality: Palette is an exuberant little girl that's full of energy, and can get hyperactive easily. Palette is very impatient, and claims that reading is a waste of her time unless it's important. But Palette is very smart, either way. She is also a determined lass, because she became a career because, if she is reaped, Palette has an extra boost that may determine her chances of survival in the Games.
    -Things slowing her down
    -Her baby-sitter, Shasperi Braunfels

    -Slightly weak
Goals: Become a mathematician, ditch Shasperi
Fears: Die

Thoughts about His/Her District: Cool! It's so strong and smart and clever...it's wonderful here!
Thoughts on the Hunger Games: Exciting and full of surprises! It's fine, as long as I'm not reaped!

Role in Family: The only child
Role in Society: A kid
Anticipation for the Future: To be a world renown mathematician

user posted image

Background: Palette was born to Loyr and Laryn Willows. They were very popular in District 2, and had a lot of friends, whom Palette all thought were boring. Loyr and Laryn were very traditional, and disapproved of Palette's choice of clothing, so they clashed often about that.

When she was five, Palette watched a Hunger Games, and knew that she may become a tribute as well. So, Palette became a career a year later, determined to survive, just in case.

When she was eleven, Mr. and Mrs. Willows hired Shasperi Braunfels. Palette didn't like him from the start. He was too calm, and always put her spirits down when she got just a bit too hyper, and nagged at Palette when she complained about her reading homework. Palette thought that Shasperi was a stuffy jerk who acted like some important adult. But despite how much Palette complained, the Willows family became Shasperi's top customers.

The Career that Never Killed...
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