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» Get back demon cows!, Open
Sebastian Gates-Kava
 Posted: Jun 12 2012, 04:48 PM
100.C Games Champion
19 Years
155 LBS
District Ten
13-April 12 • 270 Moneys


It was a calico - like Orsino's. That made naming it after Orsino's tempting but... No. After Orsino? It was a girl but, then, why should that stop him? And given that she was a gift because of Orsino - given that she looked like the one that was his... Sebastian was almost tempted to think that perhaps he had been right - that there was something beyond this world and that Orsino was now just watching him, helping him.

It was unlikely, but the thought, like the mewling kitten in his arms, was more than a little comforting.

"I'm sure I'll come up with something for her eventually." He said with a confident nod as he led the man down the street. They were getting a bit closer, but still had a bit to go. Hopefully the guy would not be too weighed down by that back of books. "Why are you so into books?" He assumed the guy was if he had enough to spare to give away to schools in different districts, especially ones as far away from Two as Ten and Twelve.

Trendal Morgans
 Posted: Jun 26 2012, 10:23 AM
Bookstore owner
56 Years
148 LBS
District Two
26-May 12 • 265 Moneys


"Well I own a bookstore. One must be into reading and books and that sort of thing to own one," Trendal said a bit distractedly. Maybe that was saying things a bit backwards. He had been into reading and books and that was why he decided he wanted to own the bookstore. But he'd become distracted because he thought he'd seen a cow but it had turned out to be a truck rumbling by one of the nearby streets.

Shaking himself, he looked back over at his guide. "I've always enjoyed reading though. It seems rather wonderful to be able to be a part of another person's imagination for a bit, and to immerse in another world for a short while."

Panem was rather lacking in spectacular adventure. Other than cows and the hunger games that was.

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