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» Sleep Walks, Sleep Talks, tag; ilaina/eva! [D12]
Chicory Roth
 Posted: Jun 24 2012, 08:16 PM
17 Years
168 LBS
District Twelve
23-June 12 • 30 Moneys


Chicory's schedule was like so:

School on weekdays. Home to help his mother and father with their respective duties on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sell his wares - both legitimate and non-legitimate - at the Black Market before going home and helping his parents with some work after dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Saturdays were often called for days where his mother sent him out to get herbs from the apothecary or from... outside. Sundays were to selling things at the Black Market.

Needless to say, he was usually far less busy on Saturdays and Sundays and his schedule was largely much more flexible.

So it wasn't surprising for him to come back to Twelve after being out in the wild lands to gather some herbs - some things that his mother needed, but the local apothecary no longer carried. It was around two o'clock in the afternoon, which meant most miners were still busy at work, but some of the students were moving about through the area were gathering supplies and groceries (probably on the orders of their parents who were still in the mines). It was busy, but not overly so.

Chico caught sight of a girl - one he knew vaguely. He had seen her at the apothecary before - he thought she was the daughter of the couple or something along those lines. Like many people, Chico just remembered her for the one thing she did over and over again. With her, he remembered that he saw her sketching.

He always saw her sketching.

And there she was today and here Chico was, uninhibited by an inflexible schedule. So nothing stopped him from moving towards her carefully with a welcoming grin on his lips. "Hey... um... you're the Lynn girl, right?" He did not know her first name, but he did not quite like the idea of calling her that-girl-that-sketches-things-all-the-time.

user posted image
Thanks Eva. <3
Ilaina Lynn
 Posted: Jun 25 2012, 08:44 PM
16 Years
125 LBS
District Twelve
28-May 12 • 90 Moneys


Ilaina had the day off. A whole day free from working in the Apothicary, a whole day free to do whatever she wanted, and what she wanted was to sketch. So sketch she did.

Sitting against a wall, her tattered old sketchbook resting on her knees, she watched her fellow District Twelve residents going about their daily business. Mostly, there were just students at this time of day; the older residents - save for the merchants and the elderly - were all down in the mines, working to unearth the coal that fueled the districts.

The sketchbook was almost full, each page filled with drawings - mostly of people, but some of the stray animals that lurked in alleys, or of the district's buildings, all peeling paint, and cracked and rotted wood. So many little sketches, each done in charcoal or graphite, some filled in with bits of color, filled the pages, there was scarcely space for any new ones. Ilaina managed, however, finding bits of free space here and there, sometimes using scraps of paper or the backs of labels for her sketches and later placing them in between the sketchbook's pages. She wanted this sktechbook to last as long as it could; there wasn't always enough money to buy things other than food and medicince, and Ilaina didn't know how long it would take to have enough money for a new one if this sketchbook ran out of space.

She was in the process of drawing the peacekeeper that stood some distrance away - completely oblivious to Ilaina - when she heard someone speaking close at hand. It took her a moment before she realized that, yes, they were talking to her, and, yes, she should probably respond. She looked up, seeing the smiling face of someone who she only vaguely knew, "Yeah, I'm Ilaina," She said, smiling back up at him, "I don't think I know your name though," The last words were said a bit awkwardly, as though she though she should know his name, but it had slipped her mind in some idiotic fashion.

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