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» --goats and paintings, Eva!
Alika Menai
 Posted: Jun 13 2012, 04:21 PM
17 Years
134 LBS
District Ten
6-May 12 • 40 Moneys


"Why don't you get a job?" Alika's mother suggested when her daughter complained of being bored. "Or draw another lovely picture? And you just bought a baby goat two days ago, honey."

"Well.. yeah. But I don't have anything to paint and Harrington's asleep," Lika replied. "Then go somewhere for some muse darling, you'll never get anything done sitting around the house!"

Sometimes her mother made sense, other's she was a complete nut. But today she was making perfect sense; Alika needed to get out of the house. Often she found the most things to paint in Districts One and Twelve, polar opposites but both very interesting in their own right.

"You're right. I'll go to Twelve or something," she said. Her mother gave her the same look every time she mentioned going to Twelve for painting muse. "I'll be careful, mom," she acknowledged with a roll of her eyes.

Putting her hair up in a ponytail and adding her glasses, she headed out the door. Usually she took a train to Twelve, but it was so close and she'd walked there before. It was especially boring of a day, so Alika decided to walk. She strapped a leather leash around Harrington and started the trek towards a forest near her house.

The briars on the fence clawed at her red pants as she slid under the large hole torn in the side. They should really fix that, she thought. Harrington was scared of the fence, but made it through after some light tugging.

Trees were just beginning to get really green and flowers were at their brightest bloom, so naturally Alika sketched a few flowers and nature scenes on her way. The sign that read DISTRICT TWELVE in bold print came into view and Alika instinctively curled under it. This time Harrington slid right through. "You're a natural, buddy," she said, petting the tiny goat.

Lika took a moment to grab a water bottle from her purse and pour some in Harrington's mouth before continuing on into Twelve. The first thing that caught her eye was a scene through a window. It was a young girl--probably around Alika's age--taking care of what looked like a very sick man. An apocathery, perhaps? she wondered. Nevertheless, she started drawing it.

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