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» please forgive me if I'm coming on too strong, rag: Ilaina/Eva <33
Violet Nia Halden
 Posted: Jun 10 2012, 06:11 PM
17 Years
5' 7"
128 lbs LBS
District Eight
2-March 12 • 0 Moneys


Nia smiled at Stella. She’d brought her home after finding her in district three in a cardboard box. There’d been other bunnies in there but if they were free surely other people took one too to give a good home? She was in love with Stella. Stella was amazing and cute and hadn’t left her sight since she’d been brought home.

She’d made a litter box for Stella and had her mom get her a nice big cage for at night. Bunnies could be litter box trained so Stella could just run around her room. She’d have to litter box train her, but that was okay. She’d do that just so Stella would only have to be in her cage when she had to be. Meaning, when she wasn’t able to keep an eye on her.

She needed to start thinking about getting ready to go though. She was going to district twelve for the day. She was going to see her friend Ilaina. She kind of wanted to see if they could go farther than just friends though since she felt a connection with Ilaina one that was deeper than just friends. It had to be deeper than just friends. She actually talked around her. She wasn’t going to bring her notebook with her when she went.

She put Stella on her bed and then walked over to her closet and got dressed. After she was dressed she grabbed her bag and took the notebook out of it. She just hoped that she wouldn’t have to talk to anybody before she reached Ilaina’s house.

She grabbed Stella off of her bed and was out the door.

She got on the bus to district twelve and just talked to Stella the entire time. Well, she wasn’t really talking to her, it was more like a cooing sort of thing. Stella just loved the attention and absolutely ate it up.

When the bus pulled up to district twelves she scooped Stella off of her lap and walked off the bus holding Stella to her chest.

It didn’t take her very long at all to find Ilaina’s house. She knocked on her door hoping that she was there and that she’d like Stella.


user posted image
Set creds go to Eva user posted image
Ilaina Lynn
 Posted: Jun 10 2012, 07:52 PM
16 Years
125 LBS
District Twelve
28-May 12 • 90 Moneys


Ilaina scrubbed the shampoo into her dog's fur, attempting to remove the layers of mud that had become caked into Holly's fur. The dog had decided to take it upon herself to jump straight into a muddy puddle earlier that day, covering herself with it before happily walking back to where Ilaina watched in disbelief. "Stupid dog..." She muttered, dumping a bucket of clean water over Holly's now clean head, "You had to go and jump into that puddle, didn't you?"

Holly ignored Ilaina's words and licked her arm.

Ilaina let a smile creep across her lips, "Silly dog," She said, pouring more water over her dog, "You've gotta learn to listen," Though she knew Holly couldn't understand what she said, Ilaina still enjoyed talking to her. The dog was an almost constant companion to Ilaina, following her everywhere she went, and becoming an invaluable piece of her life. Ilaina could tell the dog anything, when she was depressed or anxious, her dog could always be counted on to listen, even if she didn't understand a word. Dogs were good companions like that, always loyal to those who loved them. Ilaina pulled the plug of the tub, letting the dirty water drain out as she poured more clean water over Holly; soon enough the dog was clean - and cleaner than she had been for a while - and Ilaina bent to pick her up out of the tub to dry her off.

Once the dog was securely in her arms - and the bathwater was soaking into her shirt - she heard a knock on the front door. "Who...?" She said quietly, throwing a glance out of the bathroom and towards the front door, "I wasn't expecting anyone, was I?" She said to the dog in her arms. Putting Holly back down on the bathroom floor, she dried her hands on a towel and started for the door.

She hadn't been expecting anyone that day, in fact, she had just expected to spend the whole day bored and alone. She swung the door open, curious to see who would be on the other side. She smiled immediately when she saw who was on the other side; Nia, her best friend and secret crush, "Nia!" She said happily. She looked her friend up and down, noticing the little bunny she held, "What'cha got there?"


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