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» Spending time outside, Cordero/seiji
Molly Marie Rose
 Posted: Jun 3 2012, 02:50 AM
Student /Orphan
8 Years
3ft 10.5 inches
52.8 LBS
District Twelve
21-April 12 • 0 Moneys


Molly pulled her jacket closer around her as she walked down the streets. She crossed her hands and decided that she wanted too go and see if she could find one of the other orphans from the orphanage! She bit her lips and continued down the street, she saw someone who reminded her about one of the other kids, she walked up too him. "Cordero?"She asked taking a hold off the boys jacket sleve. The boy turned around and Molly could see that it wasn't him. "get out of my way kiddo!" he said rolling his eyes too her before pushing her away, causing her too trip down at the ground, before she managed too say sorry to him.

She didn't like strangers who were mean! She sat at the ground and looked at her clothes, the stupid boy had made her tights get broken, and her knee bleeding! She wanted too cry to run away, she looked at her hand just a small bruise. She pushed herself up before she ran away from the bigger boy.

She looked around as she ran away from where she had been, and she carried on running till she was far away from that place. She hadn't paied any attention to where she had been running so she wasn't sure about where she was. But now she saw him! it was him! not someone who looked like him. "Cordero!" She said with a happy smile on her face as she ran the last way over too him. "Where have you been? I've looked everywhere for you" Molly said with a smile on her face. She trusted Cordero, and his siblings, she didn't know why, she just did.
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