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» Not a place for a lady, Open
Antoinette Tomsy
 Posted: May 14 2012, 12:16 PM
16 Years
125 LBS
District Twelve
27-October 11 • 1225 Moneys


Antoinette was still not sure what she was looking for in the Black Market. It was not that she didn't have money to buy from the shops of her districts. Only the poor came to the Black Market, because the prices were lower here. Besides, one could find some rare things there. Cheap cigarettes, alcohol, medicine, clothes, sometimes even weapons of one was lucky enough. There were rumours that some people stole clothes from District One's mall and then sold them in the Black Market for much lower prices.

Antoinette, though, didn't need cigarettes, nor clothes or alcohol. It would be a lie if she claimed that she wasn't smoking, but she didn't trust the Black Market's cigarettes at all. The only ones she accceted to smoke were those expensive ones who were rare around District Twelve. She couldn't smoke at home, though. Even if uncle Michael was not there, her brother would surely run straight to him if he caught her smoking.

" A beautiful necklace for a beautiful girl." a woman told her as she passed by her. Antoinette simply shook her head and walked away from her. She would never really be caught wearing something like that. Some of her classmates were wearing those cheap necklaces, but Antoinette already had lots of necklaces to not need any more of them.

Shop-keepers tried to make her buy their goods, but Antoinette simply shook her head politely and continued to walk. What was she actually searching for?

user posted image
credit to my secret santa of 2012

Antoinette drawning by Meadow <3

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