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» iced buns and fun, open!
Spaghetti Pearman
 Posted: Apr 21 2012, 03:44 PM
-- • Moneys

Spaghetti stook her tongue out and frowned at the paper as she wrote down slowly each of the things her mother told her to. She said that she would do it herself but she was busy and the customers always commented on how nice Spaghetti's handwriting was, and she did always say that you have to give the people what they wanted, and what they wanted was Spaghetti's handwriting. Eventually, she finished and put the pen down, and then lifted the menu up and stared at her masterpiece. Her handwriting really was good.

"Mom, I'm done! Spaghetti called, standing up and walking over to the table her mother was sat at in the closed bakery, doing some work involving money and all of that boring adult stuff. She put the menu down on the table, and the woman smiled at her gratefully. "Thank you, darling. It looks beautiful," she said, eyeing the pretty patterns that she had decorated the menu with.

"Hey, Mom, can I have an iced bun?" Spaghetti grinned and batted her eyelashes because that always worked. Her mother rolled her eyes and laughed with a nod. "Sure, for all of your hard work." "Yay!" Spaghetti's grin grew winder and she ran over to the iced buns that sat upon a dish on the counter. She lifted the round glass lid from above them and took two, before running out of the bakery, ignoring her mother's protests that she could only take one and giggling.

Spaghetti took a big bite out of one of the iced buns, and got some of the icing around her mouth, but that didn't really matter because she could lick it back off soon. She walked down the path humming to herself and chewing her bun and staring at the uneaten one with interest. Wasn't it strange how somebody had come up with how to make one of these? Imagine how hard it must have been to decide to make an iced bun and then think of all the things that could have gone into them. Spaghetti was grateful to whoever made them, though. They were a friend of hers, even if they didn't know her.

With all of the thinking about iced buns, Spaghetti didn't see the person in front of her until it was too late and she bumped into them, dropping both of the iced buns onto the person by accident. Oh no! She was enjoying them.

"Aw man," Spaghetti complained, speaking with her mouth full. "They were super nice."
Molly Marie Rose
 Posted: Apr 22 2012, 07:52 AM
Student /Orphan
8 Years
3ft 10.5 inches
52.8 LBS
District Twelve
21-April 12 • 0 Moneys


Molly was holding in her dress slightly as she was walking down the road, while in the other hand she held her teddybear. One of the few things she had left after her parents. The district still felt so big, so scary. She had been living at the orphanage for nearly 2 years now, and still it felt so odd. She felt so alone in the district now. Sure the other orphans was like her new family, but it didn't feel the same.

She walked down the streets in her own thoughts when she suddenly was bumped into by someone. She shut her eyes quickly before she opened them up and looked up at the older girl. "Im so sorry, Im so sorry!" She said, trying not to sound to scared or unsure. She looked down at her dress and bit her lips. Oh no! What would the one running the orphanage think?! Would she get mad as she had gotten her clothes dirty?

Feeling like she wanted to put her thumb into her mouth, something she always did when she was nervouse or scared. But she remembered she was eight years now, not a little baby anymore. She couldn't put it into her mouth. "I didn't mean too be in your way" She said nearly whispering as she looked up at the girl, trying to figure out if she was mad or not.

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