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» Adventure Comes to a Hault, Meadow
Cordero Whickham
 Posted: Apr 17 2012, 12:37 AM
Student/Stall holder
12 Years
115 LBS
District Twelve
16-April 12 • 90 Moneys


Twice his life had changed. Once for the better. Once for the worse. Excalibur had changed his life for the better. He had been the only one there for him after the death of his parents that weren't his siblings or some rich resident looking to adopt him and him alone.

Today the pair of hooligans were a bag of beans, and then there was no way of slowing them down, for today was Saturday. A weekend and a morning of tht his dear sister had given him off to be a kid. To act his age rather than the age their parents would have been.

Together him and his scruffy little puppy climbed houses, pretending to scale the highest rock faces that the Geography teacher referred to as a mountain. They fought of the Capitol's most feared warriors and won the rebellion for the Districts, sending the country of Panem into a completely true democracy. And just as he was about to fight off the aliens of Ganuockeonvok a mighty growl from his stomach shook the District. It was lunch time for the two adventurers.

Man and dog charged down the street, headed to the Hobb where his siblings should be hard at work. They pushed their bodies to the limit but suddenly the boy's velocity changed as he crashed into someone who hadn't been there moments before.

Liandrin Halden
 Posted: Apr 17 2012, 02:18 PM
15 Years
132 LBS
District Eight
2-March 12 • 180 Moneys


Liandrin had left her district with dramatic coughs, striving to look as pathetic as possible as she walked onto the bus that would take her to the lamest district of them all. She'd stopped her fake coughing as soon as the bus chugged away. It was annoying having to do, and starting to actually hurt her throat besides. If anyone noticed on the bus (although no one was paying her any attention), she'd have said it was simply that the sick personality was sleeping...she needed her rest after all.

Lia was on a mission. Well...a fake mission. She had proclaimed that her favorite personality, Menalae was sick, desperately ill. No doctors could cure her, only the most ancient of remedies would work. Only the ancient remedies only the lowly district twelve residents might know would save her. It had spawned from when this girl in her class who Lia quite frankly hated, had been talking about her mom. Apparently she'd been sick, and they hadn't been able to afford the doctor. The girl had gone on in hushed whispers, about how her brother had gone to the black market in twelve and found something to make her feel better.

Annoyed that this girl was hogging the spotlight, Liandrin had fallen into a fit of coughing. She'd made up the sick personality story on the spot, much to her classmates disbelief (and in some cases, downright annoyance and disgust).

Now that she was in Twelve, she wasn't feeling quiet so chipper. This place was dirty. And creepy. She wasn't exactly wearing top knotch clothes, but her oversized shirt and slightly baggy jeans were still tons better fair than the grubby twelvers wore. She hadn't quite decided how far she needed to go with her charade. No one from eight would know what she'd done in Twelve...all she needed to do was wander a bit and go home and pretend she'd seen someone to make her 'sick personality' better. She didn't actually have to do it.

But if she DID, wouldn't she have a better story to tell? Then again, she'd probably be able to come up with a better fantasy than whatever reality this depressing place had to offer. Deep in thought on the matter, she walked hesitantly through the unknown district, being careful to keep track of where she was going and how to get back to the bus stop. No way was she getting lost out here in nowhere land.

"Oomph!" She stumbled and then tripped over a rock when the small boy crashed into her, falling to the ground in a patch of mud. It hadn't hurt, but she was now quite liberally covered in mud...at least, she hoped it was mud. It would have smelled worse if it wasn't, she thought.

"HEY! What was that for?!" She demanded as she shoved herself to her feet.
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