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» Paying the Price, Bastian
Tristan Tomsy (old)
 Posted: Apr 13 2012, 07:46 AM
17 Years
6' 3''
198 lbs LBS
District Twelve
29-December 11 • 150 Moneys


The interview. Of course everyone in District 12 was forced to watch. He would have watched it anyway. He wanted to see her. Wanted to hear what she had to say. He invited Bastian over so they could watch it together. After all, they were the ones who cared most and it would be easier to keep his promise that way. The interviews went by quickly. He had to watch all of the boring stuff before they got to Mina's. She looked so beautiful. Sure, he knew it was all the Capitol's doing and he missed his regular Mina with dirt under her nails and her hair in a messy ponytail, but he had to admit how beautiful she was.

He was captivated all through her interview. He was about to turn to Bastian to ask him what he had thought when he realized she wasn't done. She was blurting out things that probably weren't planned. She was telling everyone about him. What he said. What she felt about him. When he told her he loved her, he wasn't sure but he wanted to give her another reason to come home. He wasn't sure if he did the right thing. Now he was positive. She would get sponsors. She was one step closer to coming back. But he wondered what Bastian thought about this turn of events. He turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow. Bastian couldn't hit him again, could he?

user posted image

All L.J. accounts will be making short posts until further notice. Sorry about that!
Bastian Ellis
 Posted: Apr 20 2012, 12:36 AM
Mine Worker
18 Years
178 pounds LBS
District Twelve
30-November 11 • 1065 Moneys


At first Bastian had been very hesitant to even go visit Tristan, after punching the younger boy in the face for kissing his sister, he was certain that the other man would be looking for revenge; after all that is exactly what Bastian would do if the roles were inverted. But in the end he realized that whether he liked it or not Tristan cared for his sister almost as much as he, himself, did so it was far better to humor him, and maybe, just maybe he would be able to talk his uncle into helping her survive or something along those lines.

Watching the interviews was somewhat painful, because with every tribute he came to the realization that a lot of hem seemed like fierce adversaries, and not only that but the majority of them seemed to have an idea of what they were doing. And yet Mina looked completely lost in her interview, he could tell because he could read his sister like a book even if everyone else was convinced otherwise; when he thought the painful interview was over, something else happened. She started rambling, talking about… Tristan.

Bastian’s eyes narrowed as he listened to his baby sister talk about being in love with the boy who was so close to him. His fists were balled already, his knuckles were slowly turning white as he tried not to turn to look at Tristan. He knew he couldn’t blame the blonde for Mina’s words, especially when they could easily bring her some sponsors, but Bastian wasn’t one to think things through, or to have a lot of patient, and especially when it came to her. It was taking a lot from him to just stand up and deck the other man in the face.

Patience, she would want you to be patient, he reminded himself as he closed his eyes and bowed his head, trying to find his center so he wouldn’t get into a fight with the only guy who could probably understand what he was going through.

user posted image
user posted image
~made by Eva
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