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» Seeking Solace, Michael
Auryon Diana Ward
 Posted: Apr 2 2012, 06:07 PM
88th & 100A Games
26 Years
184 LBS
District Four
18-April 11 • 2150 Moneys


Auryon’s pacing didn’t resume. As her anger snuffed out, exhaustion started to seep back into her muscles. Anger always brought with it a surge of energy, fueling her fury, her restlessness, and normally, sustaining that anger once it’d been lit wasn’t difficult, but in the state she was in now, so emotionally and physically drained, Auryon found it very difficult to maintain her fury. Especially with Michael. Instead, her anger was coming and going in spurts, and every time it left her, it left Auryon just a bit more exhausted.

No longer so restless, continuing to pace would require more effort than the movement was worth, so instead, Auryon’s hands slowly clenched and unclenched as she turned to look out the window. For several long moments she didn’t give Michael a response or even acknowledge that she’d heard him, but eventually she just shook her head. She could probably eat more (she could always eat more), but she didn’t want it. As she continued to stare out the window, her energy visibly drained out of her and as her muscles relaxed and she settled more onto the heels of her feet, she seemed to shrink a few inches. “…I should get home.”

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