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» Easy kill, -closed-
Shadow James
 Posted: Jun 4 2012, 03:24 PM
15 Years
167 LBS
District One
6-November 11 • 530 Moneys


It was dark. The night was filled with screams, but those screams had faded long ago. Shadow was alone.

He had lost his hatchet. Someone had stolen it from him. And then he'd run. He'd almost fallen over one of the horrible deer things that had been attacking everyone, but it had been intent on someone who had fallen on the ground. Or he'd probably have died, he realized. He was shaking now. He didn't know if it was the overwhelming fear. Or the cold. It was very cold. Or maybe blood loss. His leg had bled for what seemed like forever. Shadow had no idea how to patch it up. He wasn't a doctor...he wasn't anything. Not anymore.

Was everyone dead?

That meant he would be too, he thought, gasping for air. Hyperventilating as the severity of the situation crashed into him.

He was going to die. He was going to...

Shadow didn't see it approaching. Something skittering with ungainly grace to the side. His eyes were staring wildly at the sky above. No stars. He couldn't see any stars. There should have been stars.

Maybe he was already dying.

He was sitting on a rock. He'd found a stick but it wasn't even a very good one. Even if the monsters didn't find him, how would he eat? Maybe...maybe there were other ships or something. And those ships would find him. Would save him. He couldn't make himself believe it though. So many people had died. He'd seen them. He's seen all the blood and hear the sounds they'd made, heard the screams that were cut off or just kept going. On and on.

It approached stealthily. Shadow paid it no mind. The innocuous lookign creature hopped onto the rock beside him and Shadow shuddered.

All. All of everyone. All of...something sharp bit into his arm and a moment later a horrible crunch broke the silence. He was screaming, he realized. There was blood. More blood and it was his and...

He stared into the steely eyes of a duck. A duck with horrible fangs. And he froze for a moment and then the duck was on him, and Shadow was no more.
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