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» Lost to the Shadows, Open
Shadow Nighthawk
 Posted: Jun 22 2014, 09:56 PM
31 Years
180 LBS
District Nine
20-June 14 • 55 Moneys


user posted image

Shadow Nighthawk
For fourteen years, Shadow had lived with the memories of the arena. She remembered the feel of Silvers skin against hers as the two hooked up and she could still taste Foxes blood on her tongue. She had known that coming home a victor she'd never be the same, her family had known it, but still, she couldn't get over the fact that she had backstabbed the person who had saved her life and made it all possible. She hate's me probably, wherever she ended up. No matter how many times she tried to tell herself otherwise, she knew that it was true. She knew the cameras hadn't seen it but Shadow still remembered that Silver had opened her eyes right before she'd slit her throat and the glare she'd given the other girl would never fade from her memory.

She slipped through the district, making like a shadow she was named for, and hurried towards the burial site of her district, hoping to visit her district partner, Drakyn, where he lay in the ground. Today marked the anniversary of his death, fourteen years ago today, he'd died in the bloodbath of the games. She sat down beside the grave, crossing her legs neatly beneath her shorts. "Hey Drakyn, Today's the day partner, fourteen years ago today, you died at the hands of Fox. When I killed him, I knew you were watching. I've told you this so many times before but i'll tell you it again, I didn't kill him for you, I killed him so that your family and mine could survive. I know you never liked me and that's fine but you should be thankful, I saved the rest of your family even though I know they wished I'd saved you. What the hell was I supposed to do huh? It's not like they'll crown two victors and plus, I knew you were going to die okay. I knew it from the start with your lame leg and stutter. Anyways, I just thought I'd stop by and wish you a happy birthday, considering you told me the day of the bloodbath that it was your birthday. Anyways, I'll let you rest in peace now considering I'll probably be the only person in this district who remembers" She said, her voice cool as she spoke. She'd come to visit his grave every year at the start of the bloodbath, at least when she'd been at home, if she had been in the Capitol, she would have gone when she got back. Today would have been his 28th birthday if he'd lived that long.

For a few hours, she just sat there, listening to the sounds around her as she sat and feeling at peace for once. For a victor, Shadow liked to consider herself as one of the calmer ones, she hadn't resorted to drugs or alcohol (although she did have some alcohol on a regular basis) and she had a daughter named Auresia who was beautiful. Nobody knew who her father was but Shadow knew and would never tell. She'd never tell who her father was because she was afraid that he would find them and hurt her daughter. The man was a Capitolite and he'd been abusive when she'd been with him, beating her and verbally abusing her. After a few months, she'd finally returned to district nine where her family had welcomed her but she'd never told anyone about where her daughter had come from. She was startled out of her memories by the sound of footsteps approaching her and her head snapped up, realizing that it was almost sunset. Had she really been out here all afternoon?
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