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» Lost kitten, tag; Augustus
Talus Seige
 Posted: Jun 15 2012, 12:58 PM
19 Years
200 LBS
District Ten
10-May 12 • 280 Moneys


Just a couple days home and already, his kitten ran away. Honor, the little blue eyed grey thing got out and just scampered around. Mostly Scythers fault, of course. He probably left the back door open. It was no matter though, the kitten was small and shy. She couldn't possibly have gotten far. He had the weekend off, and was spending that looking for the little thing.

It was mid day already, and he'd started early morning. He'd gone everywhere in the immediate vicinity of his home, determined to find his little cat. He'd gotten so attached to her so fast.

He sat at a bench, sighing gently. Trying to think of what to do next, where to look. She had a little blue collar on, that read "Honor" on a name plate, along with his name and address.

user posted image
Augustus Graves
 Posted: Jun 16 2012, 03:38 AM
15 Years
115 LBS
District Two
12-May 12 • 225 Moneys


Augustus loved travelling to a far away district like Ten, because it offered him the chance to see life in a completely different prospective than he was used to, and he often found himself preferring those Districts over his own, District Two. At least in the more Industrial and Rural districts, most people within a five mile radius didn't want to chop your head off with a huge, intimidating axe that looked as though it was staring at you, even if it didn't have any eyes. No, most people in the lower Districts were nice, and in Ten, they had lots of animals.

People were giving Augustus strange looks on the bus, but he didn't mind. Just because they hadn't seen a fifteen-year-old boy sit on the bus snuggling into his kitty and making sure one space next to him was left empty so that his imaginary friend could sit there before, didn't mean it was weird. But he was grateful to get away from the stares when it looked like his stop was approaching. Suddenly, though, the bus screeched to a sudden stop, and Augustus found himself thrown slightly forward, having not had any empty hands to grab hold of a bar.

Augustus scrambled off of the bus, pushing past the driver, and saw another kitty in the road. Thankfully, the bus had stopped before it was hit. Augustus bent down and surveyed it's collar, reading Honor's name and address. He would take him back to his probably worried owner if it killed him!

Augustus picked Honor up in one arm and held Joey in the other and began wondering around aimlessly, trying to find the address on the collar. Eventually, his legs grew tired, so he began to yell out. "I found Honor! I found Honor!" In the hope that his owner was nearby and would hear Augustus.

user posted image
Thanks Soph!
Joey :: Cornelius III
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