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Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor May 6 2012, 08:34 PM
Directory: HG Staff

Much goes into designing the Hunger Games, from behind the scenes to in the spotlight. You are welcome to make a character who works for the Hunger Games in any reasonable aspect, from Escorts and Stylists to scientists and researchers. If your character's job isn't on the list, we can add it when you add your character.

HG Scientist Taylor, Dr. Gemgebralth 35 Male

General ideas for non-escort/stylist/prep jobs: Gamemakers, scientists, researcher, advertising, finance or accountants, construction worker or other laborer, etc.

D5 Estrell, Auva 25 Female
D7 Dahl, Esteri 36 Female
D9 Orna, Faustus 26 Male

Prep Team
- - - -

(Escorts in next post.)

Over the years, we have acquired people whose characters worked on the Hunger Games but later stopped due to death, retirement or member absence. Please make sure to honor these as part of canon.

Porsha Rockfeller (District One) - Died in the Capitol Games. Escort through Games 98.
Valencia St. Rosa (District Three) - Participated in Capitol Games and retired afterwards. Escort through Games 98.
Nautica Leen (District Five) - Retired. Escort through Games 91-98.
Haven Lumaria (District Eleven) - Overdosed on drugs. Escort through Games 100.B.

Risto Rocca (District One) - Died in Capitol Games. Stylist through Games 98.
Glenn Cheai (District One) - Died in Equlibrium Project. Stylist Games 99 through 100.D.
Deirdre Saphylon (District Three) - Retired. Stylist Games 99 - 100.E.
Frera Bang (District Three) - Died in Capitol Games. Stylist through Games 98.
Agnes Doolittle (District Four) - Died in Capitol Games. Stylist through Games 98.
Deirdre Saphylon (District Seven) - Moved to District Three before retirement. Stylist in D7 through year 98.
Belany Starkrest (District Twelve) - Eaten by muttations. Stylist for two years.

Fable Vicesia (Gamemaker) - Died in Equilibrium Project. Gamemaker from Games 99 - 100.D. Games mortician from Games 88 - 98.

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Nov 11 2013, 07:28 PM


These escorts (unless created prior to Nov 12, 2013) are open characters. They are for reference and all characters can reference them as suited through gameplay. If someone wishes to make a character his/her own, please post here to claim. You have 1 week to post an application for the character.

If you take a character and do not get above 50 posts but drop the character, go inactive, or otherwise give up the character, the character will be open for others to play him/her. This is for the sake of consistency for our tributes, Games staff, and other district residents.

PBs can be changed to a similar-looking PB with similar style.

Laetitia Oreamnos
District 1
She is an older, refined lady who has spent many, many years in this business. Her rise to District One has been recent, though, starting with the 99th Hunger Games. She seems to know what to say and when to say it. She doesn’t try to be the tributes’ friend, and she won’t waste her time on idle talk. After so many years in the business, she knows its best to get to the point in order to produce the most successful tributes. She loves the courage and harnessed power of Career districts, and on her ascent through the districts, she intentionally stayed back awhile in D4 to avoid having to proceed to D3 until she was certain that she could skip the non-Career district and head to D2. To the tributes, she’s like a cold, but not cruel, principal or headmaster who says things like, “please” and “thank you” only as a formality.

PB: Helen Mirren
67 years old
Ada Deerwhisper
District 2
Hip, trendy and in great physical shape, she pours blood, sweat and tears into her job. She treats her tributes more like dolls, though she talks to them like human. An average tribute may think that she treats them as someone about to go on a trip rather than someone about to die, but she quite understands the reality of the situation. Her commanding presence and skills have earned her fans over the years even if she is not the best at public speaking. She has a good sense of humor but isn’t over-the-top.

PB: Pink
42 years old
Felicia Dashner
District 3
She believes in curses, and she’s convinced that the Gamespeople of D3 are cursed. After several were kidnapped for the Capitol Games, she’s been dreading moving up, but she does her best to keep her nerves at bay by drinking. She’s sober for her duties, but it’s not uncommon to see her wasted at parties and other events away from the tributes. To the tributes, she’s a strange, almost nervous sort of person who knows how to efficiently move people around to where they have to be.

PB: Nina Hagen
49 years old

Octavian V. Bergen
District 4
Y'know. Stuff.
years old
Vitalis Scaevola
District 5
She is harsh—almost to the point of cruel—but she knows how to pick the strongest tributes. She will not waste her time on tributes she finds less than worthy. In a way, she dislikes the Career districts because there’s little variety, but she doesn’t let this on. She is quick to criticize, but it only makes the praises she gives (few and far between) more meaningful. Some think she border on verbal abuse, but nothing she says is entirely untrue. She will tell people that they’re idiots if she believes they are being so. Her favourites, however, are given more praise, more rewards, and more spoils. This is her first year on District 5.

PB: Carrie-Anne Moss (white hair)
56 years old
Nerva Adrianno
District 6
She is feisty and is used to getting her own way. It’s not uncommon to see this grown woman stomp her foot. She doesn’t throw hissy fits, though; she just disappears into her room and reappears in an entirely new outfit with a completely different style. She believes that a fresh, new appearance can give someone a clean mindset so that a person can approach a situation calmly. Many tributes think she’s rude because she can be very stern (particularly before calming down) and bossy without saying “please” or “thank you.”

PB: Grimes
35 years old

Drusilla Hamilton
District 7
She is not a pleasant person to work with, not because she’s outright rude but because she’s manipulative. She puts decisions in the hands of the tributes and her colleagues, but she says it in a way so that people will do what she says and feel bad about possibly thinking to do otherwise. Even when one figures out her “skill,” one still finds it difficult to not obey her because she will lay on the guilt either way. Her saccharine personality is only a façade for a strong and dominant personality. She has recently moved up from D8.

PB: Misia
37 years old
Copper Hadrianus
District 8
He is introspective and quiet, though he is always watching his tributes and the world around him with great detail. He calculates his tributes moves, learns their mannerisms, and critiques them in his head. It’s not uncommon for him to compliment or criticize a tribute from “out of the blue” even though it’s very much a thought out, strategic move. He believes in order with a touch of chaos to make things interesting.

PB: Patrick Wolf
29 years old
Cornelia O'Donnell
District 9
She has a bubbly, go-get-‘em personality, and she absolutely loves her job. Although she sees that things aren’t perfect, she’s completely ready to attack what needs to be attacked in order to get the job done. Some might find her overwhelming, but she doesn’t care. All she cares about is being happy while doing the work she loves.

PB: Linda Strawberry
27 years old

Helena Agrippa
District 10
Her precision and ability to drive an unhappy tribute from point A to point B have made her a successful escort in only a few short years. Many people predict she will go places. However, she has a horrible temper that ranges from happy-go-lucky one moment to raging lunatic the next followed by sweetly rational. Tributes are often more afraid of her than not.

PB: Jessica Stam
32 years old
Celcus Smith
District 11
He just moved up from District 12 (he was there during 100.D-100.F) and is enjoying his life as an escort. He’s fairly relaxed and wants to make the tributes comfortable so that they’ll chill out and show Panem that they’re enjoying themselves. A happy tribute makes a confident tribute, is his theory. He loves pep talks and giving tributes candy to make them feel better. He is fairly down-to-earth, though, and is more of a realist than an optimist. To some, he comes across as lazy, though he does his work well and he does it quickly.

PB: Matthew Bellamy
36 years old
Decima Landauer
District 12
She is brand new as an escort, but she’s bound and determined to get things right so she can bring District 12 to victory. She keeps all of her notes in a leather journal, which she often references for specific times and places the tributes have to be. She loves snow cones. She has the ability to speak with an air of authority even when she herself isn’t too sure what’s going on. The tributes find her pleasant enough for a Capitolite, and she wants them to make a good impression not just for her own benefit but for their own personal pride.

PB: Marimoon
27 years old

Posted by: Cheyenne Martin Nov 14 2014, 10:10 PM
Cheyenne Martin - D8 Stylist - 22 - Female

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