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» Sweet sounds for money, tag; Adele
Mary-Lilith Greyback
 Posted: Jun 25 2012, 06:18 AM
18 Years
123 LBS
District Nine
23-June 12 • 100 Moneys


Mary-Lilith had always liked to perform. When she was a little girl, she was always confinced from the fact that she had talent for dancing, performing whenever she got the change to. When Mary-Lilith grew older, she had forgotten about it, though her love for performing never went away and probably won't as well.

Mary-Lilith held on tight to her guitar, remembering herself to buy a bag or suitcase for her guitar one day. If she'd ever have the money for such expensive stuff anyway. Gladly, Mary-Lilith glanced up at the perfect morning-sky, displaying no cloud whatsoever, only a clear, beautiful blue, perfectly blurring into the red of the sun that was telling he'd be coming soon. Mary-Lilith couldn't help but letting a little sigh escape as she looked at it. It was crystal-clear it was going to be a beautiful day today. The young woman decided as she walked on and picked a nice spot on the calm district square.

It was still to early for people to come here yet, which was perfect, because it gave Mary-Lilith the opportunity to make sure her guitar sounded exactly right and her voice was warmed up. Soon, sweet high and low sounds echoed through the empty space of the district square, luring people to come and watch. Then, Mary-Lilith decided that everything sounded just right and picked a self-writting song to play today. Slowly, Mary-Lilith felt her guitar, voice and herself become one perfect instrument, hugging and kissing the surrounding air, giving everything a thin layer of honey, just like the sound of her voice. The only thing occupying her was the sweet sound of her own song, hanging in the air like thin crystalised honey.

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