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» Reaping - 101 Spring
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: May 7 2014, 08:51 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
2-November 10 • 30259 Moneys


A sweet breeze warms the town square as the population assembles for 101 Spring reaping. The weather is just warm enough that one can wear short sleeves, though cool enough that those in the shade might wish for a light sweater. Thinking about the weather provides a brief distraction from the large screened televisions that show around the square and surrounding overflow areas, all images currently trained to the dais in the centre of the square. Banners stream between buildings and lampposts to celebrate the festivities.

The escort and mayor stand up with the district Victors and Champions. The escort beams at the audience while the mayor gives a familiar speech, and then it’s cut to the Capitol—Starla McFee sings the national anthem flawlessly. Then, like normal, the television screens show President Sinclair giving his speech from the Sixth Station, the place where the Hunger Games were first announced all those years ago. He reminds people of their past deeds, and promises a healthy future based upon the bright and vigorous present. The television screens cut back to the reaping platform, and the escort moves forward to the large glass globes that hold the names of all boys and girls aged 12-18. And from one ball, she draws the girl’s name, and from the other, the boy’s; she announces each after she draws it:

Horeshead Pumpkinsea
Laleh Oceanside


OoC: You may now post in this thread to show your characters’ reaction to the reaping. Because all characters must be present in their own district, please only post here if your character belongs in this district or is the district escort. However, any district resident of this district may post: the new tributes, other teenagers, district residents of all ages, victors, etc.

If your character was chosen to be a Tribute, congratulations. He or she will be lead off to the Justice Building and cannot escape. At the Justice Building, a handful of family and friends can come in one or two at a time to wish your character good bye. If you wish to RP this, please make a separate thread in the District Square. Otherwise you may post at the training center.

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