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» Hii! I'm going to bother you, Tag Rydia with Jenner
Windy Procyon
 Posted: Apr 23 2014, 11:59 AM
13 Years
94.6 LBS
District Six
20-November 12 • 1465 Moneys


Windy had been planning on going to visit Isali but had ended up finding herself in the middle of the marked instead. District four was different to district six. Windy couldn't help but to wonder what it had been like to grow up in district four. She didn't get long to think about it before she saw a familiar face. It was one of the victors from district four Jenner.

Windy had talked to him a few times before but that had only been short talks like how are you, and such. Maybe she'd get to know him now? The young champion ran over to the victor. "hey Jenner!" She said excitedly, grinning over to him. "how are you? I Was going to go and see if Isali was home but I got sidetracked here" Windy admitted.

Jenner probably remembered her, Isali had been one of the two who had saved her life, and he had probably not liked it but Windy was glad Isali had helped her, she was glad that Farron had helped her. She got to be alive, she got the chance to talk to people.

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the lovely sig and avatar is made by RYEA <3

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Jenner Reeves
 Posted: Apr 27 2014, 06:18 PM
28 Years
162 LBS
District Four
1-December 13 • 300 Moneys


Jenner was wandering. There was nothing else to do at the moment and he was bored. For some reason his feet had taken him to the market, and he began to watch the people around him. Most people took no notice of the Victor as he stood mostly out of people’s way beside a vendor. They were happy, chatting away and laughing about this or that with one another; they were busy, rushing about to get whatever they needed; they were meandering, taking their time as they looked at wares and asked questions about the items.

The Victor took out a cigarette and was about to light it when he heard someone calling his name. The voice was high pitched, young. His brows creased in confusion. What young person would call out to him in a familiar manner? He cast his eyes about and they settled on a girl, a Champion: Windy. She was smiling, her face bright and cheery. Why was she here in Four? He found out the answer a moment later. Isali. The Four Champion had saved Windy’s life, they had to be close.

He put his unlit cigarette away, didn’t want the impressionable girl to get bad habits after all. “Hello, Windy.” He smiled at her despite the fact that he wasn’t in a particular chatty or happy mood. “Got lost, did we?” He cocked his head slightly. “I am doing well. How are you?” Pleasantries, after all, were needed.

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