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» 05. Usergroups, Playable Characters
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: May 19 2011, 09:21 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
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The Usergroups

This is the list of usergroups and playable characters. If you have any questions about these or you're unsure which group your character belongs in, please let me know.


    Avoxes are former district residents who rebelled in some manner and now live as slaves to the Capitolites. Their tongues have been cut out so they cannot speak, and they perform tasks as maids/servants/staff to either individual Capitolites or the Training Centre. The crimes committed are normally "minor" in nature such as trying to escape Panem. Avoxes can now travel between Capitol and districts as their masters see fit. Please be realistic, though; having a character return to his/her original family members may have significant consequences.

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Avoxes can either work in the training centre or they can be personal servants to specific Capitolites. If your character was raised in the districts, he'll be an avox in the Capitol. If your character was raised in the Capitol, he'll be an avox in the districts. Only they very affluent and rich district residents (mayors, victors, etc) will have avoxes.

    Those who live in the elite Capitol city are spoiled and wealthy. Even the ones who are less wealthy still have a fair chunk of money. Because many of the less desirable jobs are given to the district residents, Capitol residents do not live in poverty. Members are not limited to the number of Capitol residents they have (as long as reasonable activity is maintained). Characters of the Capitol cannot travel outside of the Capitol without administrative consent or if they are an escort for the Hunger Games or if they are Hunger Games staff visiting the Victor Village.

    If you are playing Hunger Games staff, be aware that we can't have all the young characters staffing for the upper districts. If you're going to have a younger Games staff member, please choose a lower district. We'd love to see more Games staff over age 40!

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Capitol residents must stay in the Capitol unless given permission, but there's plenty to do there. You may play characters of all backgrounds. Hunger Games staff is always welcome--escorts, prep team, stylists, etc. A list of pre-existing/taken roles is in our Character Directory. Stylists, prep team members and escorts can travel to the Victor Villages (within reason). Some Capitolites could possibly have contact with the districts if they work at the train station transferring goods from the station to the warehouses and other necessary places.

    These are the winners for the Hunger Games in which there is more than one winner per Games. Because less risk (ie: more people alive in the end) returns less reward, the Champions are normally not as high on the social ladder as Victors. They are rewarded and praised for their time in the arena by the Capitol, however. Members can only have characters in this group if their characters were made Champions after completing a played-out Hunger Games.

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Champions are allowed to move freely between districts and the Capitol.

    District residents live in the main body of Panem known as "the districts." They can be characters of all ages, though those 12-18 will be placed into a drawing to be put into the Hunger Games. Members are not limited to the number of district residents they have (as long as reasonable activity is maintained). Characters can travel between districts, but they must honor the setting guidelines.

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Most district residents go to school and work and live out their daily lives. But there are other opportunities, too--they can participate in extracurricular activities and some of the various open subplots we have. If you're an action-y sort of roleplayer, you're welcome to go on adventures as long as they don't break setting. Some district residents have the job of transporting goods to the Capitol.

    This is Panem's military and police force. Most peacekeepers are from District Two, which is one of the Capitol's favourite districts, but some of them are Capitolites lusting for adventure or paying off debts. All peacekeepers must be over 18 years of age. They are not allowed to have families until they have at least five years of service. They don't spend much time at home or have lives other than their duty to the Capitol. Most peacekeepers act as police officers in the districts. Some are brutal while others are lenient.

    Older peacekeepers are always welcome. Also, they do have to go through six months of training at an academy before they become peacekeepers.

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Roleplay them on duty, roleplay them off duty. It's up to you, and they can patrol whatever district you want them to as long as it's consistent.

    In order to become a tribute, a district resident must be between 12 and 18 years of age. Names are chosen through the reaping process, in which all district residents 12-18 will have their names put into a hat. Tributes go to fight in the arena in the Hunger Games and have a 1/24 chance of living. If the Tribute lives, he or she becomes a victor. Depending upon the Games and how many interested members we have, there may be a limit to the number of tributes each member can have at a time.

    Roleplaying Opportunities: The Hunger Games. Prep week to prepare, but mostly the Hunger Games. Room for epic character development, but ultimately your character is probably going to die. It'll be fun, though.

    These characters are winners from previous Hunger Games. Members can make characters from scratch or they can be "earned" by playing and surviving through the Games. Each Games can only have one winner, so please pay attention to which years already have victors. Victor characters can travel throughout the districts and the Capitol as they please. Due to the limited number of victors, each member may only have two pre-created victors. However, a person can have as many played-in victors as he wants. (Ex: you may make two victors from scratch and then, through the roleplayed Hunger Games, earn as many victors as the number of Games your characters win.)

    Roleplaying Opportunities: Many opportunities since they can be in the Capitol and the districts. Plus they have cool houses.

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