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» Run From Sanity, tag; aveline/soph
Matka Raschel
 Posted: Jun 25 2012, 04:25 PM
Student / Hunter
17 Years
185 LBS
District Eight
14-June 12 • 35 Moneys


Ironically, Matka like the industrial districts best - Eight and Nine. They had the best buildings for free-running, with the exceptions of Two, Three, and Six. Five had good buildings too, but they had so many greenhouses... and then everything in One seemed so shiny. Four was great too - he loved to visit for the beach, but they were not exactly conductive to free-running there nearly as well as the others were.

So, today, he found himself in Nine. He had been free running for long enough that he knew the patrols of this particular area out of need... After all, not all Peacekeepers were exactly friendly to the idea that there were people climbing and, as some might put it, 'wreaking havoc' throughout the districts by jumping from place to place to place. Or, rather, for Matka, from jumping from concrete to wall, to rail, to concrete again. Rinse and repeat.

Today, though, he was just trying to get back down to the ground. This particular route did not lend itself to that... Until he came across what looked like a light pole. He looked around carefully before backing up and leaping up, pushing himself from the building with the palm of his hands and swinging onto the pole. His body came to encircle it before slowly crawling down the pole in the same fashion that an overlarge squirrel might... Mostly because he kind of was like an overlarge squirrel when he did these things.

Had anyone seen that? He looked around once his feet hit the ground. Any Peacekeepers?

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