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» Into the Games again, Open
Azelma Thénardier
 Posted: Jan 29 2012, 03:39 AM
Student, Thief
15 Years
115 LBS
District Nine
22-October 11 • 1595 Moneys


It was good as it lasted. Although Caydance, their victor died early on, Azelma was glad to know that for a week she was safe. But, now when the Games were over, she knew that soon, new Games would follow and new Reapings and her name would be several times in that ball made of glass. The more she thought about it, the more she was sure that her name was going to be picked. Five Games. Azelma was sure that the next Games would follow pretty soon. Maybe after a month. Or two weeks. Or a week.

Holding one small piece of bread, Azelma watched the huge screen in the District Square. A victor from Four had won (what a surprise) and Azelma watched nonchalantly how the woman was crowned. Azelma was sure, from the very beginning that someone from Four would win, seeing what the arena looked alike. Fish, sea, dolphins, only people from Four knew that stuff well. Azelma had no idea how to fish and, even if she had a small knowlege about plants, she couldn't recognize seaweeds.

Two older people were talking with each other next to her, and Azelma listened to them quietly. They were talking about Auryon's dress, and Azelma could clearly see that none of them seemed especially interested in that conversation. When you live in Nine, it is hard to be interested about these things.

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~~ Awesome avatar chibi by Schro <3

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