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» Ask me why, Fang <3 Cosette
Fang Bulleton
 Posted: Nov 16 2011, 05:11 AM
Student, Guitarist
15 Years
135 LBS
District Nine
17-September 11 • 210 Moneys


Fang couldn't stand watching Azelma in pain. That blonde girl was insane. Sure, Azelma's words would make anyone angry but Cosette wasn't an innoccent lamb either. Fang feared that she had a knife hidden in one of the pockets of her coat. Her high-heels were doing a great job by themselves, actually. Azelma couldn't even fight back anymore. If Cosette continued like that Azelma was going to die. And Fang wouldn't allow that.

Fang was always proud of his peaceful nature. While other kids wanted to train for the Games he just wanted to play his guitar and sing. Even his songs had peaceful meanings. He was always against war. He was against violence. In his opinion, people had to talk instead of fight. But he wouldn't let Azelma getting hurt.

He rushed foward and grabbed Cosette's shoulders. Then, he pulled her back and threw her on the ground and pulled Azelma from the ground. He was crying. Now Fang was badass angry. He took his bag which was full of vegetables and squeezed a tomato on Cosette's face. Damn the tasty dinner, Cosette had to pay. He took the rest of the tomatoes out and threw them on Cosette and after than he opened the carton of milk and sip it on Cosette.

Now, he and Azelma had to run away or Cosette would kill them. She was mad.

He grabbed Azelma's hand and started running away, to a place that nobody would ever find. Casper's house. Fang hoped his friend was home.

[[ I hope you don't mind I made them escape, Azelma was going to end up dead and Cosette blind x] ]]

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