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» Distance Remains, closed/solo-quest
Sebastian Gates-Kava
 Posted: Jan 8 2015, 08:03 PM
100.C Games Champion
19 Years
155 LBS
District Ten
13-April 12 • 270 Moneys


Dancing For Rain

A loud, jolting noise rumbled through the hospital as the emergency generator kicked on by itself, refusing to be shut down like the rest of the Capitol was. There were measures in place, perhaps not for protection, but to keep their injured safe. Perhaps the regime was diabolical, but they weren’t entirely stupid about that.

A redhead nurse stood in a mostly empty room, staring at a curly-haired boy lying on a bed. He knew this was a grown man.

Still, he looked like just any other sick, frail boy lying there.

Damian dropped the bag on the floor, knowing that he would likely be in… deep, terrible, horrible shit if anyone found out about him being here and doing this for these patients, but it wouldn't be the first thing he had done as part of the Alliance that was just as risky. But then, he was already part of the alliance and that would get him dead in a minute anyway.

He washed his hands and put on his gloves, shaking from his very core as he prepped a large needle. It was risky, really, it was. This medicine could… wake him up. Or make it impossible and he’d have to kill him with other medications – force him on an overdose. The doctors refused to take the risk – they valued the lives of their Winners too much to take it. But in Damien’s mind there was no way that this could not succeed. If it killed him, then at least he wouldn’t have to worry about anything. He could die in peace. If he lived… then he could have a fighting chance. This was his first to try with – but there were so many others to go through. At least Sebastian was smart from what he had seen – if he woke up with his full brain capacity, then he should be one of the easier ones to free.

He gulped and punched the needle down into the boy’s chest.

The boy’s eyes flicked open, bleary and out of focus.

Sebastian was awake.


Sebastian’s body shuddered as the darkness went away, feeling hands pouring something cool and stinking on his chest that stung and bit at his skin. As he came into focus to see a young man hovering over him in scrubs and clearly treating him for some kind of injury, he groaned, trying to push him away.

“No, no, sir, calm down. Just let me help you clean the wound.”
Sebastian winced as a pen light flickered in his eyes and the nurse muttered something about thanking the odds.

“Where am I?” His voice crackled, as coarse as sandpaper in the air as he swore… was it just him or was he hearing screams rising around him. The nurse seemed to take no notice. Maybe it was just him. “A hospital in the Capitol. You’ve been in a coma for a few months now. They say you fell trying to help your father, but –“
In a sudden surge of energy, he reached up, snatching at the scuff of the man’s neck. “Twist! Where’s Twist? Shouldn’t he be here?” He nearly yelled into the man’s ear.

“No. No. He’s dead.” Sebastian stopped, letting go of the man in front of him in shock, staring at him. There was something in the disconnected manner that this man told him things that Sebastian knew he was used to giving bad news. Well, he was a nurse? Doctor? He didn’t even know.

The redhead picked up a bag and placed it on the foot of the bed.

“I don’t know about your sister or your cousins, but... listen. There’s a rebellion going on. There's riots in the streets right now." Like Sebastian couldn't hear it. "I didn’t know if it – if what I did would… would wake you up, but now maybe you can get out. I want you to get out alive.” The redhead started organizing something on a large cart loaded down with similar bags. “I have a few others I need to try to wake up in this damn ward, but there’s stuff in there for you. No weapons, but some clothes and food and water, a few useful things… Make it out alive, okay?”

The man removed the saline from his arm, taping gauze around his hand as the machines started to beep and shriek from their empty occupant and the man left in a hurry, scurrying away with his cart of… goodies. Sebastian flailed wildly where he lay as his brain kicked into gear.


So, I'll likely just post here to write an end because that seemed... that seemed appropriate for Sebastian to have here while I could work out something. I've marked this as soloquest/closed, but if someone is really interested in coming in to interact with him, my PM box is open and I'm willing to chat about ideas on Skype as well.

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