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Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Nov 8 2010, 10:15 AM
Sixth Station: Plot

Welcome to the Hunger Games. It's an age-old tradition spanning nearly a century. Every year, a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are chosen by random from their district and sent to the Hunger Games. At the request of the Capitol, these twenty-four Tributes will fight to the death until only one survives while the nation watches on live television. The Victor will be famous throughout the world of Panem.

This is how it's always been. This is the way Panem maintains peace.

What is a little bloodshed if the world as a whole remains pure?

A hundred years ago, the citizens of the districts revolted against the Capitol. As a punishment, the Capitol forces the innocents of the districts into a humiliating and violent fight for survival to remind the district residents who has complete power.

But what if this power shifts?

As a Hunger Games board, Sixth Station is mostly defined by its constant Hunger Games. However, we do have several longer-running plot points that have carried us through the past year and into the future. Ideas for plots are always welcomed--and we have plenty in store.

See the timeline in the sidebar for the current date.

Current Plot 1: Quarterly Games

At the beginning of the 100th year of Panem as we know it, the President surprised the citizens of his country with the promise of quarterly Hunger Games—one for each season. The Quell series had given the Capitolites six Hunger Games that year, and it had, overall, gone very well. (Note: the Quell was in year 99.)

Not everyone is pleased with this information. While the vast majority of Capitolites are thrilled to know that there will be more Hunger Games, some begin to wonder if it will damage the population of the Districts. And, of course, the districts themselves are not keen on this idea. But the districts have no choice, and they must continue to send children to their death.

However at the same time, the government is also promoting greater district “pride,” if you will. Work harder, have more children, conserve resources—these are the propaganda posters you see on the streets, the advertisements you see on television. The district residents aren’t being abused; these are rarely forced. (After all, the Capitol does not want a rebellion.) These are ideas that they are trying to place in people’s heads so that they will do it on their own, thus strengthening the output and resources of each individual district.

Current Plot 2: Rebellion

Like many Hunger Games RPs (and, well, the source material), our Panem is undergoing a rebellion. However, ours does not follow canon. The rebellion of Sixth Station is a major plot but it is not the only plot on the site. In fact, it’s one that we’re always working on and releasing a little at a time to keep everyone on their toes. Many (but not all) of the below plots somehow relate to the rebellion.

Our goal in the rebellion is not necessarily to overthrow the Capitol (though that is our characters’ goals) but to show that the actions of the Capitol have consequences and that the people of Panem have a breaking point. Rather than saying “Panem is in a rebellion,” we want our members’ characters to become involved—whether willingly or not—and experience the effects of a rebellion first hand. That is why we set up smaller plots in which people may become involved.

Current Plot 3: District 7 – The New Careers

Districts 1, 2 and 4 have long been known as the Career districts of Panem. Even though training for the Hunger Games is technically illegal, the authorities are willing to overlook the students who choose to train. Many gyms offer courses in physical fitness that would be useful during the Hunger Games (such as weaponry) without promoting themselves as training for the Hunger Games. Some people hire personal trainers to train one-on-one or in small group sessions for more personalized sessions.

Following the final installment of the Quell, the 100th Hunger Games (Bonus), a small group of students in District 7 seized the opportunity of a District 7 Victor and started to train for the Hunger Games. No longer willing to allow their district to lose, they stepped up to claim victory. However, there is a sliver of this group who want to win the Hunger Games in an effort to sneak into the Capitol and overthrow it. Inspired by the first “official” District 7 Career, Pistil Krayt (101-Winter Games), they train not for victory but for rebellion.


Current Plot 4: Battle Royale

The 100th year brought the promise of four Hunger Games each year—one for each season. But the district residents aren’t keen on this, nor are they happy with the mass slaughter of the year before. With the smell of rebellion drifting through the air, a class of kids from District 11 have decided to take matters into their own hands and plan their own rebellion. Pledging their loyalty to the cause, these kids will do what it takes to become stronger, to become smarter, and to gather support from across the districts.

But they don’t know that the Capitol will fight back. They don’t know that within a few months, they’ll be dead, the entire class put into their own Hunger Games (101-Spring Games) with the chance of only one survivor.

As a huge OoC note about this plot, if you make a character in this class, anticipate that he/she will be killed. Do not make a character in the hopes that he/she will become victor. Anyone found doing so will have their character killed during the Hunger Games. (People who are too attached to characters often become clingy, cheat-y, and not pleasant. We don’t want that spoiling our fun times.) These characters are catalysts, if you will. Use them as tools. Find them connections. Make family members. Hook them up with contacts in other parts of the world. But yes, develop them and give them good stories.


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