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» Nature's First Green is Gold, tag: Molly
Saffron Lune
 Posted: Apr 24 2012, 06:37 PM
-- • Moneys

The morning was bright and clear and perfect-and a great change from last night’s thunderstorm. She hated thunderstorms, they always made her parents unhappy. The noise didn’t help, but she’d never admit to that bit.

Riding was, technically, one of Saffron’s lessons, same as music and math and reading. Still, it was better for everyone if she had a really good reason to go out. And most of the time she did. A message, or some herb her mother needed, or anything really, all that mattered was that she had a real reason to be out and about.

Today, she nothing better to offer up than a case of itchy feet.

Oh, she knew her parents would be mad, and the peacekeepers even worse, but it was the sort of day that was too wonderful to be cooped up. Even with a horse-well, pony-she didn’t have to be terribly sneaky. The same satchel that carried books and messages could carry yarn and a bit of a snack.

So, when she saw the downed limb and the break in the fence, realized it would be big enough for one small girl and her horse, Saffron didn’t think twice before slipping through. After all, there was no one around to see, and it wasn’t as if she was doing anything really bad-just riding. And she could always tell Daddy when she got back. She would ride to the river and back, and no one would ever know.

The forest was beautiful, so very different from the orchards, and she didn’t have the sense to be afraid. Her world was one of safety and relative comfort, that didn’t translate into danger, even in dappled forest light. The horse moved smoothly under her, hooves barely making a sound in the duff lulling the girl into a sort of half-doze. The peace was shattered when the horse squealed, shying and tossing it's blonde head, and throwing Saffron squarely into a patch of brambles in the process.


Molly Marie Rose
 Posted: Apr 25 2012, 02:39 AM
Student /Orphan
8 Years
3ft 10.5 inches
52.8 LBS
District Twelve
21-April 12 • 0 Moneys


Molly wandered around for a while, before she snuck under the fence. As normall the electricity was turned off like it used to be. She wandered off into the woods till she reached the river. She walked down along the river. She wasn't sure about where she was going. she just wanted to go away from the district 12 for a while. She didn't know where she was head nor if she would get lost. Biting her lips.

Taking a deep breath she heard something, she wasnt sure about where the noice came from. This was starting to become like one of her nightmares. She felt her hands shaking as she continued to walk down the river. She wanted to get over to the other side of the river, but when she stepped into the river her clothes got wet and the water was reaching her up to her knees. SHe opened up her mouth to say something but she didn't get out a sound. The water was cold, she wanted to get up on the land again, get her feet dried up.

"Hello?" She asked in a shaky voice, she really hoped that there wasnt anyone there. Or atleast not someone who could hurt her. The only thing that made her realise that this wasn't one of her nightmares was that she could feel the cold water around her feet. "Answer me!" She called out in a scared voice. oh Why , oh why had she left the district and the other orphans? She wished she hadn't gone off right now.

Molly's Outfit
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