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» Still Haunts My Dreams
Sebastian Gates-Kava
 Posted: Jun 3 2012, 06:07 PM
100.C Games Champion
19 Years
155 LBS
District Ten
13-April 12 • 270 Moneys



That time when I get so used to solo-questing that I write a thread just to depict things happening for plot purposes.

No, please don't reply to this. It's meant to be a kind of one-shot dealio.//

The sixth day of the Games had been uneventful for the most part - at least that was what he had heard based on what was being talked about on the street. There had been one death - five remaining... Something told Sebastian that there would likely be a feast the following day. One way or another, Orsino would be returning home to him. It would just determine whether it would be in a wooden box or still breathing.

By now, however, Orsino's token had been delivered to him, as he had managed to pull a few strings to receive it as his own once more. It was not all that hard, really, when he knew who to talk to and how to talk to them. Now he had both on his arm - his and the one that Orsino had originally. He supposed... he supposed he would return the one to Orsino, if he returned home. If not - if not -

Sebastian did not want to think about that.

He scaled their tiny porch and let himself in easily, going towards the kitchen to snag something to eat. "Hey, Mom! Pa! Is ours still kicking?" They would know what he meant, Sebastian was sure as his father entered the kitchen. There was an edge of fatique in the man's face - as if he was worn down now.

"Oh, he's still kicking all right." His voice seemed the same... something was off. Sure, his father was a hard-working man, but he was often rather outgoing - happy - vivacious in a way. He knew that Orsino had grown close to all of them, but he felt that this was not caused by anything with Orsino being hurt. No, if that was the case, he would have been just as emotional as Sebastian was when his announcement was made.

"What is it?"

"Your mother and I have talked about something that... disturbs both of us." Sebastian frowned nodded as he shifted his bag on his shoulder, watching the other man. "We don't think your relationship with... Orsino is particularly healthy or even legal."

Sebastian raised his eyebrows at this, blinking a few times as he stared. "I... I don't understand." He frowned a little, knowing that his own feelings were rather real, albeit confused. And Orsino's? They were real too, no doubt. "I mean, if it's about him saying he loves me, it's not like we even did things before -"

"Before his reaping?" His father snapped and Sebastian instinctively stepped back as his own father pressed forward, moving to almost corner him against the counter. "See, that's the thing, Sebastian. He's saying it quickly enough that he might be used to saying that to you. He's saying it enough that both she and I think that you two do a lot more alone together than you let on."

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit! SHIT!

"No, no, it's not like that at all." He threw his hands up, as if in surrender. "I haven't - we've never touched each other! Not like that, anyway."

"He might be a bit older than you and bigger, but you think we don't know how you can get, hmmm?" It was hard to tell if they were talking about him being gay or the fact that he could be quite... manipulative. "He came here years ago and could barely say his own name without stuttering and you fixed that - but how exactly did you fix it, Sebastian?"

Sebastian slid away - moving to the side and out into the living room, away from his father. "I would never try to hurt -" He caught sight of his mother and grinned sheepishly. "Mom, have you been hearing what he's saying? I mean... I can't... This can't be -"

"I agree with him." This stopped Sebastian dead in his tracks as he looked between the two of them. "Leave. Now. You're eighteen years old and can take care of yourself just fine. We know because of what you've been doing since you started working at that damn market - and with this, how do we know you won't be a bad influence for -"

But Sebastian was already gone. He had gone to his room and emptied his backpack. Locking the door behind him was a good idea for now - he wanted the time to get his things. He stuffed everything he needed into it. Two changes of clothes, a blanket, some hygienic things like a toothbrush - toothpaste - soap - a small cloth that could be made to be a washcloth. He stumbled upon a small flashlight and a lighter while looking for what money he did have lying around, which he stuffed into his bag as well. He grabbed a jacket quickly and took out every knife he had - and he had several - to assemble them hidden in his boots - at his middle - inside of his jacket.

It wasn't much to carry around and he would have liked to steal something from the kitchen to eat - to make sure he had something to eat, but he could get food easily enough. He knew how to on his own just fine. Maybe he didn't have a lot on him, but it was better than having nothing at all on hand. He looked back to the door as he shouldered his backpack. He unlocked it quickly, tossing the keys into the general direction of his parents before leaving, not heeding any more of their words. They wanted to think he corrupted Orsino somehow? Fine. They could think that all they wanted. He would just find some place to sleep for the night - maybe stop by a friend's - and then figure out a better plan sometime in the morning of something he could do about work... and food...

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