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    Our next Hunger Games is a little different than our previous ones. Called "Battle Royale," this Hunger Games will feature one lucky class to be sent to the Hunger Games together. Mr. Dressler's honors history class tried to ignite revolution in Panem. And for their trouble, they will be sent to the arena together. Join us by making a high school junior (16-17 years old) from District 11. See the Battle Royale Subforum for more information. We aim to start in December so now's the time to start developing your character!
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    Thank you to Suzanne Collins for the creation of Panem and The Hunger Games trilogy. And thank you for the following people who contributed to site design: Ring Wang: banner slideshow code, Revo: fixed sidebar code, Gem: site skin(s).

    And many thanks to Sixth Station members for their characters, posts, creativity and work. Thank you to everyone mentioned and unmentioned for the work put into making this site the great board it is.

Thank You

After four years, we have decided to close down Sixth Station. The site has meant so much to many of us who spent countless hours into our game. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our game.

The 101-Fall Hunger Games are wrapping up. You have 24-48 hours to enter the final posts. Members can still post in the "History of Sixth Station" and the "Connection" forums.

Ronan Callahan

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victor of 91st Games || arena: ancient castle

Ro is cripple in a wheelchair. If Gem makes this character walk, it's because Gem has issues. Feel free to call Gem out in the cbox because it's not the first time.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-DptWf5Z4o (turn down volume)
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