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» Dancing in the rain is a new hobby
Nellie Creed
 Posted: Mar 11 2011, 10:21 PM
N/A Years
3-March 11 • 75 Moneys

The Creed

[ooc; So... I was dragged here. Against my will. And I hope this isn't too hard to reply after all what else would she do? You don't know what she's thinking. 'Nuff said. x3 Also I'm being hyped up on Porcelain And The Tramps- Gasoline... a song.]

Nellie Creed wasn't expecting it to flood. After all she hadn't witnessed anything like this before. She was however worried for her parents who had been seperated from her , luckily she found them lounging around in the dining hall that was provided in the evacuation centre.

She had spent some time with them glancing from face to face to see who she knew, and who she did not. Not knowing much she sighed, and decided to go outside to the fields, not sure what to do, but she'd come up with something.

She was greeted instantly by rain when she took her first step in the open, and her heart lifted in joy. Rain! She loved it so much, and without a word she took off marching away from the other small groups held outside, and to find somewhere more private where she could enjoy herself in possible peace.

As soon as she covered some distance, and nobody appeared to be nearby she spun in a blissful circle, arms outstretched to the skies, her white dress becoming clingy, and her hair also drenched stuck to her neck, and back. She spun in some more lazy circles before letting herself fall to the wet grass. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

Droplets of freezing cold water splashed across her face. She stood up and began dancing. She started out slowly waltzing with an imaginary partner, soon switching to a more complicated dance from whatever she could think up which involved many twirls and leg kicks that made her dress, heavy with water, spin and whirl around her.

She laughed, maybe to others who didn't know her would think this was odd or outright strange, but she didn't care.

[ooc; No she's not strange!..Just different.>.> Also wearing a white dress in the rain equals big no no buuut It's already up there so think it's thick material. x3]

Coriander Dill
 Posted: Mar 12 2011, 12:24 AM
N/A Years
5-March 11 • 215 Moneys


Coriander had left his trench coat on his cot before he took went outside. Even though he preferred to have it on, Coriander didn't want it to get wet. In this downpour, it would never get dry!

He glanced around himself, and blinked in confusion when he saw the girl twirling in the rain. It took him a few moments, until he finally came up with an answer. Coriander pointed a finger at her, and declared, "You like rain!"

(ooc: So sorry for the effin' late post. I would also like to apologize for its failness. >_>)

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