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Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Mar 24 2013, 09:01 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
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District 10

District 10 is known for raising and slaughtering livestock as well as producing milk and other dairy products, wool, leather, and other animal byproducts. Some of its products it manufactures within its own district, while others are shipped to other districts for refining, such as wool to District 8 and food products to District 9. Although residents of this district are around animals, they rarely get good cuts of meat since the majority goes to the Capitol first and then to higher districts second. The residents of District 10 are often poor and many have to take out tesserae in order to support their families.

This district produces all sorts of animal products, but they’re most well-known for slaughtering livestock. Rightfully so since the district often reeks of dead animals. However, there are many factories within District 10 that works on turning raw goods into finished materials, and one of the most famous is leather products. The majority of district residents who work in the district industry do work with the livestock from birthing to slaughtering. Teenagers often pick up after school jobs, and although they normally aren’t allowed to work with heavy machinery or sharp objects, they tend to the animals. There are not many jobs that aren’t directly in the field—such as marketing, design, finances, research and development—but they do exist. This district also has more veterinarians than any other district, though the vast majority are for large animals.

Not all occupations involve livestock and related goods, however; there are other jobs that make District Ten—and any society—function. Doctors, shopkeepers, gardeners, teachers, etc are all common jobs. The most notable thing is that the people who work these jobs are paid more than people who hold similar jobs in lower districts.

District Ten does not produce Careers. Its residents typically do not train for the Hunger Games and, overall, do not like the Hunger Games.

District Ten residents do not often have extra income to spend on their home, entertainment or other things. They live in small, overcrowded houses, make use of hand-me-downs in everything from furniture to clothing to books, and while the majority have enough food on their table, they don’t normally have extras. There are some wealthier families, but none of them as rich as the wealthy people in the higher districts. Due to the lack of disposable income, there aren’t many extra things to see or do.

This District moved from south of the city districts (Year 98 // Summer 2011) to a new location with the other rural districts. Previously it had left a relatively polluted land and almost destroyed a river. With the new location comes new effort to keep the land and resources clean, so there are projects underway to keep the animals from polluting the river and the land.

There are many playable locations in District Ten, and to list them all would be tedious. Instead of giving you a limited number of places to play, below is a list of places that are definitely within District Ten and you may play should you like. You can expect them to have:

- Separate preschool, K-6, junior high, and high school
- Hospital
- Government buildings
- Peacekeeper office
- Orphanage
- Strip malls, shopping centres
- Slaughterhouses, livestock pens, etc
Here are some specific locations:

District residents live in small single-family houses. They are often under-sized and without many modern conveniences. They have indoor plumbing, but electricity is not always constant. Further, the houses were built in a hurry, and it’s often reflected in its architectural flaws. But they are sound enough and do their duty. Plus, some of them have a small bit of land around them, so they aren’t pressed right up against the neighbors.

Image one
Image two

Animal Shelter
This animal shelter is known for its mangy mutts. Overcrowded and underfunded, the animal shelter’s primary goal is to get the excess animals off the streets. If they’re lucky, they get rehomed. But most of the time, they never leave the shelter.

Roller Rink
This is actually just a slabs of wood boarding put together in an outside ring of sorts. During the winter, it gets wet and warped, and during the summer, the boards begin to pull apart. It’s more of a safety hazard than anything else, but the kids think it’s a blast.

It’s not a library as much as someone’s house that was converted into a book exchange. It’s a little underground in the sense that it’s not government funded and it shouldn’t even exist. There are few people who have the sort of book collection to fill a couple of shelves, let alone have their own small library. It operates on the honor system.

Image one

There aren’t a great many forests in District 10, but they can be found to the very north of the district at the boundaries.

Image one
Image two
Image three

Open Pastures
Much of the “open area” of the district are pastures that are currently unused or not tightly patrolled. One day they will be used with more regulation, but in the meantime, people like to take walks and enjoy the district away from everyone else.

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