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» Down The Rabbit Hole, Tag: Euan
Lynx Fleet
 Posted: Feb 6 2014, 07:06 PM
16 Years
5' 3''
97 LBS
District Eleven
2-August 12 • 670 Moneys


It had only been a week since the end of the Hunger Games, and Lynx felt more empty than she ever had before. She hadn't even talked to anyone while the Games were going on. She couldn't. It wasn't fair that her only true friend had been reaped. And it wasn't fair when he died. He had made it so far, to the very end, and she'd dared to hope that Maddox would have won. But he didn't. He died. Just like everyone else she'd ever cared about.

She had taken to visiting his family after school. They didn't talk to each other. His parents were still grieving. She just liked to take his horse Bandit out for a trot. It reminded her of the old times. Plus it was one of the only things she had left of him. She was just coming back from his house and was approaching the train that would take her back to District 11 when she spotted something strange.

A shadowy figure was perched behind one of the Peacekeepers on the wall. She couldn't tell who it was or what it was doing back there. It was also obvious that the Peacekeeper didn't know he wasn't alone. She tried to get the attention of the boy closest to her. "Do you see that?"
Euan Sky Galloway
 Posted: Mar 9 2014, 08:04 AM
16 Years
120 LBS
District Ten
15-October 12 • 275 Moneys


Euan was afriad. Afraid of all new things and not knowing what was yet to come. He could swear he felt something odd in the air. Something different. Euan didn't know what exactly, but he did know his dad could feel it too. The old man was so stressed out all the time, angry and happy and sad all the time, scaring the sheep with his swinging moods. Euan didn't dare to ever ask his dad what was going on, but instead enjoyed his dad's lack of focuss to escape from it all. Euan had, for the first time in his life, been to another district, and though the experience had been terrifying, it had been amazing at the same time. District Eleven was even prettier than he'd heard it would be judging by the stories he'd heard.

Euan just stepped out of the train that'd taken him back home, back to his stressed out dad and confused sheep, back where he belonged, when a voice right next to him spoke up. Euan turned around and back when he realised what the girl was asking. He looked in the way she was looking, but still took a few seconds to see what exactly she was talking about. He turned towards her, his eyes wide with fear or excitement or whatever Euan felt right now. He felt like his dad, confused, unknowing. "Yes! But... I don't get it. What's going on?" he then asked, hoping the unknown girl would know, then suddenly realising he'd just talked to a stranger without hesitating or blushing, with nothing but a little tremble in his voice because of the unknown odd situation.

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