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» Once Controlled, tag; basil/titan
Koa Birch
 Posted: Jan 20 2014, 06:28 PM
18 Years
180 LBS
District Seven
27-May 13 • 0 Moneys


Koa hated school.

It was not that he lacked intelligence. No, in fact, he fancied himself quite smart. He just didn't do well in classes. It wasn't for lack of application, but rather that he knew that no amount of good grades could save him from his fate of being a logger for District Seven. So he skated by, relishing in appearing as average as anyone else from an orphanage. He sensed some teachers knew what he was hiding and held him in contempt for it, giving him the average grade he had earned.

He didn't mind. They gave him what he wanted one way or another, even if they didn't know it.

So it was perhaps no wonder that this one little field trip they had made out to District Ten wasn't as much of a welcome event for him as it was to some of his fellows. Sure, seeing something outside of Seven was tempting for many, but for Koa? He could come here whenever he pleased. He had no parents to answer to as long as he came home after curfew. He could learn what they would from reading books - he didn't need to see to know how the mechanics of Ten worked.

So maybe that was why he found himself wandering away from the group. It was not like what he was doing was truly dangerous and the pack slung over his shoulder even had some food acked away in it, so he wouldn't have to worry about that either as long as he got back to the rented bus before it departed. No one would notice his absence, really, and perhaps it was better this way as he made his way through Ten. Perhapps he could find that old library again... But he didn't know Ten all that well, really.

And before long, he felt as if he was in an odd maze of buildings and places he vaguely recognized, but not enough to truly glean placement from.

Maybe he should have stayed with the group, as much as he hated the others in his class.

He spun around and moved to tap the nearest shoulder, asking quickly, "Hey, do you know where Slaughterhouse Five is? I lost ummm... some people around there and I don't know my way back?"

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Thanks, Ryea!
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