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» And the end is near,, Jimmy/Seb?
Hallie Gates-Arcadia
 Posted: Dec 7 2013, 09:54 PM
16 Years
119 LBS
District Ten
9-June 12 • 425 Moneys


Hallie stood in the living room to watch the TV for the announcement. It was another thing that was required of the whole country to watch. It was a usual thing now, it seemed. An announcement was something that for the last year, she had grown use to watching. Something or another to announce how the Games were going to run.

It was another announcement for that. And watching the president on TV was almost a scary thing because it meant something different was going to be happening with the Games. Something not normal, like the Quell had been. But the Quell was over so it confused Hallie on way something was being announced like this.

But hearing what it was. What the new Games would bring. "How can they do that?" she asked. Four Games a year instead of one. It was just as bad as the Quell. "Four Games. How are they allowed to do that."

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Ryea made set
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Bastien ;; Eli and Leo
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Sebastian Gates-Kava
 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 11:37 AM
100.C Games Champion
19 Years
155 LBS
District Ten
13-April 12 • 270 Moneys


Sebastian watched the announcement, trying not to shake as the emotions flooded over him. Angry? Scared? Frustrated? He wasn't sure, really. He wouldn't have cared a year ago. A year ago he wasn't a mentor - he hadn't ever been in the Arena. His actions would not have drawn attention to him and those close to him. Sure, it would have been terrifying, but not nearly as much as it would have been otherwise.

There had been six Games last year. Six.

And they wanted to keep doing four a year? This was madness - sheer madness... But Sebastian didn't have the words to respond to Hallie - to her question. Sure, it wasn't right, but it wasn't like there anything that they could do about it, was there?

"Because it's the Capitol. They can do whatever the f**k they want." He replied roughly as he stood up and started to storm out the door. "If anyone needs me, I'll be in the f**king basement."

Yes, he would be shooting arrows at targets and pretending it was the face of every single damned Capitol citizen in existence, but especially President Sinclair.

Well. That was short.

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