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» fire hazard, tag: open
Briony Darrow
 Posted: Dec 29 2013, 07:48 PM
16 Years
5' 5''
115 LBS
District Six
27-December 13 • 205 Moneys


Briony had taken to using an abandoned house to do her experiments in. That was she would be sure none of her siblings ruined them. There was that whole thing with possibly getting in trouble with the Peacekeepers but she wasn't worried. There were a lot of abandoned houses and they didn't seem to check them very often. She even had her supplies hidden so no one could find them. If anyone knew she was stealing scientific compounds, she would be toast.

This experiment was being particularly difficult. Nothing was working the way she wanted to and the chemical reaction just wasn't happening. She screwed up her eyes in concentration and put more of a yellow powder into the mix. And just like that, everything went wrong and the flask she was using nearly exploded. Was she on fire? She smelled burning but she couldn't be sure.

Instantly she ran out of the house and into the street, patting at her curls, some of which had been set ablaze by the failed experiment. "Damn it not again," she cursed to no one in particular as she managed to put out the fire. She looked around, safety goggles still on, and smoke curling into the air above her.
Garric Elestren
 Posted: Jun 18 2014, 11:33 PM
15 Years
5" 4'
127 LBS
District Six
16-June 14 • 190 Moneys


Today, Garric had decided he wanted to just walk around the district. Hanging out with his friends didn't seem particularly appealing, mostly because he'd just realized he kind of had a crush on one who was very straight and had a girlfriend, so he had decided he needed some distance just so he wouldn't do something stupid and cause a rift.

Which is why he was now walking through a mostly deserted part of the district. Of course there were some families here and there, but there were a few abandoned houses where it would be easy to hole up and just daydream, think, or just doodle a bit.

But as he was deciding whether he wanted the blue or white house as his hide out, he heard a bang nearby. Startled, he looked around, only to see a girl running out of one of the houses with her hair on fire. She managed to put it out before he arrived, but it was still smoking. He scrunched his nose at the smell.

"Hey, are you okay?" he queried, concerned. "What happened? I thought I heard a explosion."
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