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Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Aug 15 2011, 12:23 AM
Sixth Station: The Guide

Welcome to Sixth Station! You have made an excellent decision in reading this article because it will tell you all you need to know to get started and enjoy your time on this forum. I have broken down the information as clearly and concisely as possible and have supplied links instead of rambling too much.

Sixth Station is, above all, a community. Writers of all levels are welcome and invited to roleplay on this site provided that each writer can write coherently. Further, all writers are expected to want to push themselves to be better writers and roleplayers. For this reason, you will see no word counts, post minimums, or any other arbitrary amount you must write in each post. Every roleplayer will write as much or as little as he or she needs in order to develop characters and advance the thread. We have, on occasion, optional subplots and teambuilding events to get you and your characters into the community.

Before you begin, please make sure to read the so there are no surprises.

Setting and Plot

Although Sixth Station is based on the books by Suzanne Collins, our Panem differs in many ways. For example, characters in the districts can move freely between districts. Please see the thread for more information on each district.

This site does not have one set plot that we determine ahead of time. Rather, it changes constantly depending on the actions and the interests of those on the site. For example, we had the “Capitol Games” in which Capitolites were reaped. Because of this, the Capitol pulled four of the districts away from the other eight in order to prevent another rebellion. You can check out the current plot happenings in the

If you are new to the Hunger Games Fandom:

Table of Contents

The rest of the topics in this guide are as follows:
I. Registration
II. Activity and Participation
III. Character Creation
IV. The Hunger Games
V. OoC Fun
VI. Quick Links

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Mar 8 2012, 10:16 PM
Who Can Join?

Sixth Station is a site for all roleplayers aged 13 and over. Yes, you must be at least thirteen to join. If we find out that you are any younger, you will be kicked off. Please respect our host's terms of service.

All roleplaying levels are allowed. No one here is perfect, nor is anyone expected to be perfect. However, quality writing and constant improvement of the writer are expected.

The Registration Process

Joining is easy. There are two ways to start: 1) Register an OoC (out of character) account, or 2) Register an IC (in character) account. We are hosted on Jcink which allows us to have, or the ability to link character accounts to an OoC account.

1) Register an OoC account: to do this, register with your OoC name. You will be able to link your IC accounts to this account, following the instructions in the SubAccount documentation linked above. Please note that you should not post your character application from this account.

2) Register an IC account: register with your IC name and fill out your IC information. Use this account to post your character’s profile and to make all in character posts from that specific character.

Please register with your character’s first and last name in proper capitalization.

*NOTE: Check the Member list (link at top of page near banner) to check to make sure that you're not duplicating a username. While some names such as Alex and Katie are reasonably popular, I reserve the right to ask you to change your character's name if it's a repeat of a less common name.

Once you’re registered, you can fill out the and copy/paste the code into a new thread with your character’s name as the title. Please no “WIP” or “Work in progress” applications. I will check over the app whenever I’m online next. You are welcome to post in the claims before you are accepted.

If you're new to forum RPs, check out this document:
If you would like to find out more information about Subaccounts:

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Mar 8 2012, 10:18 PM
Activity & Participation

There is no set activity time on this site, but if you’re going to be away for more than a couple days, please let me know by posting in the Official Away Thread. But be aware that the Hunger Games have strict activity rules in order to function properly.

Activity Checks

Activity checks are held periodically, usually after Games or when activity in general is slow. If you do not report to an activity check and have not posted an away note, you will lose your claims. I delete accounts, too, though those are mostly people who only have a handful of posts and haven't posted in a month. I do not delete accounts if I know you're coming back. (There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) if you disappear for awhile but you have random accounts with only a handful of posts each, and 2) if you tell us you will be gone for two days and we don’t hear back from you for far longer.) This is a community, and I don't want people to think that if they take a break, they can never return.

Victors: Because if victors lose their slots if they are not active, it is important to let me know when you will be taking time away from the site. If activity lags too much and the character is removed, the victor slot will be open for another person to take.


Sixth Station has multiple ways to get involved. You are encouraged to begin participating as soon as possible. We want you to join in and play with us, but members are expected to put in effort to become integrated into the community. Completing the following easy steps would be great:

- Post in the forum to make yourself acquainted with other members. Tell us something about yourself or your character.

- Jump into the cbox and say hello! Members use this frequently as a general chat tool, so don't be shy. Don't be afraid to interrupt an active conversation.

- in our plotting area. Post a thread of your own and respond to other (active) threads. Work with different aspects of your character, and include plots with people your character gets along with and with people your character doesn't get along with.

- Start and join open threads. Open threads are threads that don't have a particular member or character "tagged," so anyone can join. If starting a thread, set up a scenario which other people can easily join. If joining an open thread, make sure to write something the other RPer can respond to.

- Post in the This tool allows everyone to better understand everyone's comfort levels in roleplaying—and makes it easier to find a roleplay buddy or common ground.

- help us keep track of who plays who and gives members a little information about each character.

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Mar 8 2012, 10:19 PM
Character Creation
Acceptable Characters

We accept characters from all reasonable backgrounds. You are welcome to have any character that fits the setting and abides by the board's rules. Although only characters aged 12-18 go to the Hunger Games, we love seeing characters of all ages.

Sixth Station has a lot of to help get your character rolling. Please check those out and read the applicable threads. There's a lot of information; the ones I highly recommend reading are "Encouraged and Discouraged Character Types," "Height, Weight & Body" and "Strengths and Weaknesses." Of course, the information is here to use at your convenience.

The only type of character we have outright banned are characters with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID) due to overwhelmingly frequent error in writing and realism.


You can RP a character from multiple usergroups around Panem: avox, Capitol resident, District resident, Peacekeeper, victor. The list with all the details is If you make a district resident whose family members went to the Hunger Games, please read the victor bio for the corresponding Hunger Games and contact me. It wouldn't make sense if your character's D4 sister died last in the 84th Games if the victor mentions she was killed in the bloodbath.


Each member is allowed to have two (2) pre-made victors (ie: from past Hunger Games not played out on the board). You may also have as many tribute-turned-victor (ie: played through actual roleplaying on the site) as you win.

To make a victor, please check out the Read the entirety of the thread. The first post is background information. The second post is which victors have already been claimed. The third post is constraints and notes about victors. Because we have had several victors go inactive in the past, we want to keep some things consistent so it does not mess up other people's stories, such as District number or gender.

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Mar 8 2012, 10:19 PM
The Hunger Games

We aim to hold three Hunger Games each OoC year. In character, we have four Hunger Games each year. This allows us to hold more Hunger Games while not speeding time too fast, which would destroy plots for characters not involved in the Hunger Games. Each Hunger Games last about two months to roleplay out.

We like to tie our Hunger Games to a general plot. Right now, we have four Hunger Games each IC year, one for each season. Therefore, characters do not have to age a year between each Hunger Games, and thus they do not have to age four IC years for every OoC year.

Entrance in the Hunger Games is determined by activity and chance. If you make a character in a district that has 18237281 active, reapable characters, your chances of being in the Hunger Games is far less than if you join a district that has 5 active, reapable characters. If you want to make a character aged 12-18 who does not participate in the Hunger Games, be aware that if no one volunteers to send his/her character in your character’s place, your character must still go.

Roleplaying the Games

Sixth Station uses a point-based system for roleplaying the Hunger Games. Each character is assigned starting points based on age, district and body size. Characters use the built-in die roller in order to determine how many points each attack is worth. Activity is highly important in the Hunger Games because we do not want an inactive character to win while the active characters die. The method we have set up is not perfect (it does rely greatly on the luck of the dice), but it is the most fair method to run the Hunger Games.

Staff does not choose the winner. That is not fair. Sometimes we have member voting to see who wins a gift, but we do not determine the winner based upon staff favourites.

Writing, of course, is an important factor of the Games. For this reason, we have a writing guide. This is not to enforce tyrannical grammar rules or ensure perfection. Nor does the person with "the best writing" win; it's a guide on realism in the Hunger Games.

Over the years, Sixth Station has refined its Hunger Games to detail a system which works for this specific site. For this reason, we have a lot of guides on the Hunger Games. I would like to be clear that members do not have to memorize them, and they don't even have to read them until they are considering sending a character into the Hunger Games. However, members are expected to be able to pull up information when they need it and to abide by the guides when the time comes for the Hunger Games. There are a lot of threads, but members will receive assistance as needed from staff and older members.

Starting Guide [Begin Here], a Hunger Games guide

Posted by: Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor Mar 8 2012, 10:20 PM
OoC Fun

Yes—have fun! That’s what we’re here for. If you ever are not having fun (and this fun-killing thing is related to the site), please contact me.

OoC Communication

Communication between members is valued at Sixth Station. Further, as an admin, I like to talk to my members both leisurely and to make sure everyone's doing okay with the board. If you have any concerns regarding either an IC or OoC aspect of the roleplay, you are welcome to PM me at any time (on my Dr. Taylor account).

Minor grievances with other members should be addressed directly with them in a private manner such as personal messenger. (Ex: I don't know how to answer your post.) But larger or more complicated/sensitive issues should be run by a staff member.

The Cbox

The chatbox (located in sidebar) is a useful and fun tool. Please come visit us and say hello.

Moneys System

You might notice that we have moneys underneath our avatars. You receive five moneys for joining and five moneys for each post you make. In addition, there are other ways to earn moneys, such as posting an introduction topic, making a plotting page, etc. See for more information.

Members can use moneys to buy tessarae in order to enter your character into the Hunger Games. Tessarae do not guarantee that your character will enter the Hunger Games, but it will increase the chances of being drawn. This is to encourage activity in characters you want reaped. Further information regarding tessarae and reaping will be posted before each Hunger Games.

You can use your moneys to buy sponsorship items for tributes in the Hunger Games. The shop list will be posted starting the second day of each Hunger Games.

100+ Club

In order to honor longevity and character development, we have something called the 100+ club. All characters who have 100+ posts are allowed to join. Please see the for more information about how to get involved.

The Staff

We have one admin and four moderators on Sixth Station. While many of the duties are shared, the general breakdown is as such:

Administrator - Gem
* Moderator - Ellie
* Moderator - Fading
* Moderator - Jade

All moderators can be contacted via PM.

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