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Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Mar 24 2013, 08:54 PM
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District 4
Fishing and Related Industries

District Four specializes in fishing and related industries, including saltwater aquaculture and water purification. As an upper middle district, District 4 allows residents some extra wealth, but it's clear that they aren't as wealthy as the upper districts. The lives of District 4 residents are comfortable, and they have free time and some extra income to go to other activities. Still, they are far from being as poor as the lower districts, and some residents even have cars.

Goods produced in District Four include ocean fish, pearls, sea weed products, and other items harvested from the ocean. District Four also focuses on aquaculture, or the farming of aquatic plants and animals. They purify water for consumption and study the scientific impact of the ocean on Panem to find more ways to harvest the natural resources. The job opportunities are varied and diverse, with everything from scientists to fishermen. Although some of the products are sold locally (such as fish), others are sent to other districts for processing (ex: fish sent to District 9 for food processing). However, some products are processed locally to show off the district’s finest.

Not all occupations involve fishing, however; there are other jobs that make District Four—and any society—function. Doctors, shopkeepers, gardeners, teachers, etc are all common jobs. The most notable thing is that the people who work these jobs are paid more than people who hold similar jobs in lower districts.

District Four is also known for producing Careers, or children who train for the Hunger Games in the hopes of volunteering to enter the Games. Although training for the Games is technically illegal, the Capitol unofficially allows it (looks the other way) because it makes the Hunger Games more exciting for its viewers, particularly when it comes to betting. Gyms and training centres which typically aim for keeping its residents healthy also allow for training for the Hunger Games, and the families of Careers often hire personal trainers to help the kids get into top physical shape. Some Careers train their minds as well. Not all teenagers are Careers, but by encouraging Careers in the district, District Four has encouraged the Capitol’s favoritism towards them as well as given relative safety to the non-Careers.

Residents of District Four live in nice houses and apartments. They don’t live nearly as nicely as the residents of 1, 2 and 3, but they are not lacking in functionality, space and comfort. Their clothing is average with some hand-me-downs, but nothing extreme, and to save money, furniture is also handed down as well, though sometimes purchased new. Houses generally have a small front yard or back yard. Some people live in apartments either due to financial concerns or because they prefer not to have the upkeep up a house. To compare, District Four residents live similarly to much of modern day first world, more specifically the middle class.

Because of their relative wealth, District Four residents find themselves with free time and disposable income. They have access to museums, markets, and shopping. Like the first world, they have strip malls and other places to purchase items. District Four residents do wear make up and keep groomed, but you will not find a District Four resident—or any resident in Panem—wearing crazy make up, strange hair styles, or facial piercings, which are reserved for the Capitol.

There are many playable locations in District Four, and to list them all would be tedious. Instead of giving you a limited number of places to play, below is a list of places that are definitely within District Four and you may play should you like. You can expect them to have:

- Separate preschool, K-6, junior high, and high school
- University and trade schools
- Hospital
- Government buildings
- Peacekeeper office
- Orphanage
- Strip malls, shopping centres
- Offices
- Gardens and parks
- Training centres and gyms
Here are some specific locations:

District residents live in comfort. They have nice houses that, while not necessarily furnished with the newest or latest trends, are more than decent and very homey. The majority of people live in single-family homes in suburban neighborhoods, though some opt for apartments. District residents live similarly to middle-class families in modern first-world countries.

Image one
Image two
Image three

District 4's pride and joy, the aquarium offers the opportunity for citizens to see what the district has to offer. Thousands of native fish, mammals, invertebres and plants live in the various tanks of the aquarium. There are exibits that also highlight the work of District 4 residents. The aquarium is open to District 4 residents half price; District 1-6 can go during regular business hours; Districts 7-12 can go only on certain days of the year. However, lower districts tend to not like to go because the ticket takers and restaurant/gift store vendors are likely to rip them off.

Fish Market
This large, open-air market allows fishermen to sell their catches for reasonable prices. It is open Monday through Saturday all day. They also provide food to local restaurants near the market. Many of the restaurants are always packed in the lunch time and evenings.

Although some of the beaches are sandy and perfect for laying out under the sun, the majority of the shore line is rocky. Still, some people like to take walks or hike along the rocks, and there are a couple of tide pools for public viewing.

Image one
Image two
Image three

To the west of the city lie forests, vast spaces filled with trees and adventure. The forests creep up to the edges of suburban neighborhoods and shopping centres. There are a few hiking trails through here, but not everyone likes to stick to the beaten path.

Image one
Image two
Image three

Wavy grasses just west of the beaches separate the ocean from the forests. Wildlife is plentiful, and you might spot hikers or picnickers.

Image one
Image two

Boats and fishing machinery crowd this section of the shore line, but it also hosts some neat shops, restaurants, and things to see. There are a few statues to commemorate various District 4 locals of the past, a pier that extends into the water where people can watch the sun rise, and the opportunity to possibly catch a glipse of dolphins.

Image one

Hidden Rock
Despite the name, Hidden Rock is not truly hidden but exposed to both the eyes and the weather. However, it is located a ways south of the city (yet within D4 boundaries). Many people love to come here to challenge themselves to climb up the rock, then jump off. An unknown person assembled a rope ladder for climbing, but some days its not present as though someone wants to keep those who cannot climb the bare rock away from the beauty of the island.

Ocean Caves
Millions of years of weathering have created caves in the cliffs. Technically off limits due to security reasons, they are not constantly patrolled. The caves are subject to tidal changes, which either expose sand and rock floor, or fill the caves.

Image one
Image two

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