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» RPing the Rebellion
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Jan 6 2015, 06:25 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
2-November 10 • 30259 Moneys



What’s going on in Panem? The world started to come unraveled the moment the class from District 11 was reaped for being revolutionaries. Although this wasn’t the sole reason for the districts of Panem to rise up together and overthrow the Capitol, it would forever be known as the tipping point.

During Prep Week, the ideas were coming together. Word of mouth and off-the-grid communication bubbled between districts until one by one they committed themselves to overthrow the system that had long kept them oppressed. No longer would their children ever have to fear the Hunger Games. No longer would people be forced to battle against each other for entertainment. No longer would the population be segregated and forced to produce for the Capitol.

The Free Panem Alliance (FPA) had people in every corner of Panem, from the districts to the heart of the Capitol. They knew where to hit the hardest, who to overthrow, where the Capitol’s weaknesses were.

Day One of the Hunger Games as the Bloodbath started, the Capitol and the majority of the nation were watching the chaos unfold. The rebels hit the outposts first, the places controlled by the Capitol in the far reaches. They blew up a grain tower, set fire to fields, destroyed factories, and created chaos. The government immediately employed peacekeepers to stop the chaos . . . only to find that all rioters, all revolutionaries, had vanished.

The Capitol was on guard as Day Two rolled around. They secured major production centers and ports. But the rebels came not with the physical attack they expected. Instead, they hacked the sponsorship system, sending out dozens and dozens of random gifts to the tributes.

While everyone watching the Games remained bewildered, thousands of district residents marched on the Capitol. The FPA members “opened the gates” and rebels flooded into the city that was always forbidden to them. They overthrew peacekeepers, marched to the major government buildings, and attempted to seize all of the property they could. The power in most areas went out. The government sent more troops to the Capitol to quell the rebellion, but the damage was done. While many revolutionaries lost their lives, the message had been delivered to the people of Panem.

Meanwhile, the attacks on production facilities began once more.

* * * * * *

This is where we are.

For the people outside of the Hunger Games, you can RP anywhere in the chaos mentioned above. If you wish, you can do a one-shot post. Whatever works for you.

For the people inside of the Hunger Games, keep RPing! If your active and don’t do anything grossly stupid to get yourself killed, your character will be allowed to survive outside of the arena.

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