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» A rainy day, Open
Adele Taylor
 Posted: Apr 7 2012, 08:49 AM
N/A Years
District Nine
1-April 12 • 0 Moneys


Taking a deep breath Adele looked around, it had been raining the whole day, but still she wanted to go outside. She had done all of her tasks of the day, and she felt like doing something more then just sitting around. She took her jacket closer around herself before she walked into the rain. She hoped to meet someone to talk to but she doubted it, who would be crazy enough to go out in this rain?

In her pocket she had something she could trade to get some bread or something. She wasn't sure. Right now she didn't feel hungry, but maybe her mother was hungry? no she wasn't going to worry about her mother or step-father, they didn't worry about her, so why should she worry about them? It wasn't like they noticed her or anything, they were allways to busy with theire own things, unless they were busy yelling at her for not doing more. Adele didn't want to do anything more, she was the one to wash the floors and wash the clothes.

Oh how she wanted to leave the dictrict and take off to somewhere else. She wanted to leave, but how could she manage that? With the peacekeepers all around the place? biting her lips she looked down at the ground, just standing in the rain, not caring about getting wet. Everything would dry off later anyways, the worst thing to happen was to get sick.

She could feel the cold rain running down her hair and into her neck, It kind of felt as a relif, knowing she wouldn't be around her mum for a while. She took a deep breath before she continued to walk down the road, she didn't know where she was heading or anything, she just walked.
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