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» Let the Dead Bury the Dead, Tag: Gunner/Marr
Gunner Morin
 Posted: Jan 14 2015, 02:49 PM
12 Years
89 LBS
District One
16-May 13 • 160 Moneys


user posted image

We've come to take you away
if only there were a way


A quaint smile creeped upon Gunner's face when Jenner actually mentioned how he'd not be alive without him. He'd done something right and gotten praise for it. In a way, that made up for the mistake in his mind. Why woudln't it? Either way, he helped him twice. Being a useful person to someone twice his age was something he only wanted.

"Thanks." The cheeky grin slowly disappears from his face as they get ready to move out.

Gunner moved out first, setting a slower pace just so Jenner could keep up. A bit of time passed before coming upon a small set of houses, four makeshift buildings with a handful of people wandering around outside of it.

"Intruders!" The voices called out quickly, two of them grabbing weapons.

"No. Not intruders. We're traveling... we escaped from the capitol." Gunner's voice explained and looked to Jenner to see if it was safe here. He'd been good about trusting and not trusting people thusfar.


Jenner Reeves
 Posted: Jan 14 2015, 09:01 PM
28 Years
162 LBS
District Four
1-December 13 • 300 Moneys


user posted image

Tame the Ghosts In My Head

user posted image

If Jenner noticed the slower pace Gunner had set he didn’t say a thing about it. He wanted to go faster, but he knew it was better for him to not. He needed to stay alive for a while longer and forcing himself to go and keep going was not going to make that possible.

As the makeshift building came into view, Jenner withdrew his knife. Were they friend or foe, he didn’t know. A call went up from the small establishment that there were intruders. Gunner replied that they were just traveling and that they had escaped from the Capitol. Jenner watched to people warily.

As much as he hated to admit it, Jenner knew they needed help and there was no one else in sight. He didn’t want to fight these people, he wasn’t sure if he could actually kill any of them if need be. No, he knew he could; it was just a matter of if wanted to or not and that it probably wouldn’t take very long to overwhelm and kill him. He still wasn’t sure about them though, but he had to trust someone, so why not them?

His grip tightened on the knife but he called out wearily, “Please, we just need a safe place to stay for a bit. A night at most.” And some food, but he wasn’t about to make demands. He had to feel these people out first before he made any more requests.

user posted image

That Run Wild and Wish Me Dead

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