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    Our next Hunger Games is a little different than our previous ones. Called "Battle Royale," this Hunger Games will feature one lucky class to be sent to the Hunger Games together. Mr. Dressler's honors history class tried to ignite revolution in Panem. And for their trouble, they will be sent to the arena together. Join us by making a high school junior (16-17 years old) from District 11. See the Battle Royale Subforum for more information. We aim to start in December so now's the time to start developing your character!
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After four years, we have decided to close down Sixth Station. The site has meant so much to many of us who spent countless hours into our game. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our game.

The 101-Fall Hunger Games are wrapping up. You have 24-48 hours to enter the final posts. Members can still post in the "History of Sixth Station" and the "Connection" forums.

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New Posts The Cornucopia
The Games begin here. Each Tribute is on a four-foot diameter pedestal jutting out of a river of molten lava. The pedestals surround a larger pedestal with the golden Cornucopia and a bounty of supplies. Stepping stones separate the Tributes from the Cornucopia in front of them, and there are more stepping stones behind them to reach solid land. There are a few lesser supplies in the solid land behind them, but those supplies are meager and not nearly as effective as the ones at the Cornucopia.
2 39 Jan 28 2011, 06:28 PM
In: Last PostThis is too hot... [Day 2]
By: Palette Willows
New Posts Fire Fields
The Fire Fields surround the Cornucopia on all sides. It is comprised of tall, dry grasses ranging in height from three to five feet tall. While they make good cover, they are brittle and break easily beneath shoes. The ground beneath is dry and the dirt thin. Everything has a reddish hue from the fire; even the yellow grasses are tinged red. The only escape from the red is the high, black void above.

The river of lava runs through the center of the fire fields; the only way to cross at this area is a stone bridge that separate the two halves of the field. In the northeastern corner of the fields are several lava pools. Lava bubbles up from within. There are no natural water sources in the fields.

6 33 Jan 29 2011, 06:35 PM
In: Last Post* change of heart.
By: Eadan Nielson
New Posts Open Ground
This area is exactly how it sounds. An open space between the fields, the forests, and the bridge to the caves, Open Ground is comprised of a hard, rock ground where nothing grows. However, to the far east of this section of the arena is the river. The river is full of fresh, clean water. It's cool water, too. The current is not too fast, so it is possible to swim across, though you'll find yourself slightly downstream.

To the far north of the Open Grounds is a place that isn't very open at all. This is the ice cavern. Upon entering the cavern, the temperature suddenly drops well below freezing. Ice covers the floor, save for a spring of bubbling water in the northeast corner. This water is cold, but not frozen. All of the walls in this area are covered in sheets of solid ice.

10 53 Feb 19 2011, 04:29 PM
In: Last Postinto the woods: part two (l...
By: Shasperi Braunfels
New Posts Caves
The Caves are on the far eastern side of the arena, separated by the river. In order to reach the caves, one must cross the river by bridge (Open Ground) or swimming (Open Ground or Forests of Fire). There's a wide expanse of flat ground before one reachest the caves, but inside one will find cool shade and relief from the hot arena. The caves aren't very deep; the deepest cave is perhaps fifty feet deep. There are no wide expanses of tunnels within the caves, though there are a few short passages. Due to the shallowness of the caves, there are many openings to reach each cavern.
1 3 Feb 2 2011, 08:44 PM
In: Last Postcan you hear the people sing?
By: Uaithne Callahan
New Posts Forests of Fire
These forests are filled with dead trees. A few leaves cling to the branches. The entire forest, like most of the arena, is bears a reddish hue. The ground below is dry dirt.

To the northwest of the forests is a swamp-like area where the molten river changes courses and flows northward into the forest as a delta. The ground is warm and wet, and there are streams of lava running through the trees. Watch your step.

15 115 Feb 25 2011, 10:53 AM
In: Last PostThe Last Battle
By: Uaithne Callahan
New Posts Molten River
The river runs from north to south (with the exception of the branch shooting off into the forests of fire). It's fast, it's bubbling and it's too hot to swim or you'd automatically die. The only way to cross it in the southern part of the arena is by a rope bridge that extends from the Western Quandary to the Forests of Fire.
1 2 Feb 7 2011, 02:15 AM
In: Last Postpassing through
By: Eadan Nielson
New Posts Western Quandary
This area appears to be a wide-open cave. The ceiling, the same with the ceiling of the rest of the arena, is much to high and disappears into solid darkness. But the Western Quandary itself is comprised of solid stone flooring and much open space. However, there are some things to hide behind. A large rock wall extends upwards in the center of the arena. It's several hundred yards long and could be confused with the far boundary of the arena. However, it's only a minor barrier--or a safehaven if it provides shelter from a persuer. There are several small nooks and cranies along the barrier where someone could seek shelter from another Tribute or from the heat, though it's far from a cool place.

To the southeast of the arena are several pools of lava. They are surrounded by several yards of tall grasses. Roughly ten scraggly bushes surround the grasses and pools; these bushes have ripe berries on them. To the southwest is a cavern full of clear, cool water to drink. Northward are several dozen bulky pillars of varying widths and heights. Some are as short as one foot high, and others are as tall as twenty feet high; none of them reach the ceiling.

1 2 Feb 7 2011, 02:12 AM
In: Last PostSomewhere
By: Eadan Nielson
New Posts Cavern of the Flames
The only entrance to the cavern is by hopping from one large pedestal jutting from the lava river to the next. A wide stone ledge runs along the western and northern sides of the cavern, and there's a rope bridge leading from the western ledge to the pedestal in the center. The pedestal in the center contains an apple tree ripe with apples despite the intense heat of the Cavern.
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» The Arena
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