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    Our next Hunger Games is a little different than our previous ones. Called "Battle Royale," this Hunger Games will feature one lucky class to be sent to the Hunger Games together. Mr. Dressler's honors history class tried to ignite revolution in Panem. And for their trouble, they will be sent to the arena together. Join us by making a high school junior (16-17 years old) from District 11. See the Battle Royale Subforum for more information. We aim to start in December so now's the time to start developing your character!
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» Battle Royale Starter Guide
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Oct 1 2014, 07:35 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
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Battle Royale!

What is this, you say? Battle Royale is a subplot created on Sixth Station for an alternate take on the Hunger Games. It is named and designed after the novel by the same name, though still keeping key elements of the Hunger Games.


As life in Panem becomes more intense, a group of students in District 11’s honors history class takes a stand. Lead by Mr. Dressler, the class’s studies—which have never quite been your typical education on Panem’s history—suddenly takes a turn for the revolutionary. Under the guidance of their beloved teacher, the students decide to take matters into their own hands and free District 11 (and perhaps all of Panem) from the cruel grasp of the Capitol.

Things you should know IC:
  • Over the past few Hunger Games, District 11 has come close to winning. 100.http://i48.tinypic.com/2uivqs0.gif Ashnan, a deaf girl, came very close to becoming Champion. 100.E: Griffon, who killed all of her district partners, made it to the final feast. 100.X: Valerija made it to the final eight. 101-Winter: Zuellyn made it to second place. This is one of the things that has sparked anger in the students, though it was brewing before this final battle.

  • The students have already started stockpiling weapons and creating their own weapons. Although very few of them are guns, they have accumulated a couple of swords, machetes and plenty of knives. Wooden weapons and makeshift weapons are the most common. The majority of these weapons are stored in the closet in their classroom under the lock and key of Mr. Dressler.

  • Plans in the future include vandalism, breaking and entering, kidnapping children of important figures (ie: the mayor), and possibly turning someone into an avox.

  • This is a highly secretive mission. Students do not want to get their families involved at risk of having them killed. However, you have to be able to RP with other people and make connections, so just make sure your characters are careful and everything.

  • Mr. Dressler has been teaching students “alternate” stories about Panem history. In other words, although the main curriculum is what he is legally supposed to be teaching, he slips in stories that are legend or rumored to be true but hidden from Panem civilians. As he class starts becoming more receptive about it, he has started to tell more stories and work with the students. He nourishes their rebellion.

  • During their history class period (1 hour each day), they train and learn and figure out ideas. Very little actual studying is done, though they bring their books and set them on tables as a disguise. Mr. Dressler has a secret camera in front of the door, so they have about ten seconds notice to get things cleaned up. Since people walk in on students scattered around everywhere through the classroom, everyone just says that they do a lot of interactive activities and hands-on art projects. (Art projects are often worked on at home.)
Character Ideas
Characters are in 11th grade (approx. 16-17 years old). You are welcome to create your own characters. However, here are some ideas that would be cool to see in the classroom.
  • Thinks him/herself the leader of the rebellion.
  • Is a blabbermouth and can’t be trusted, so is often left out of the discussions, but is also honest and naïve and doesn’t become jealous to turn the class in.
  • Keeps the second key to the classroom but not the weapon’s case.
  • Is the teacher’s pet (or tries to be).
  • Searches for supplies in District 11. (Can have a couple of these people.)
  • Searches for supplies in other districts. (Can have a couple of these people.)
  • Is in charge of spying to find new locations to make a stand / vandalize.
  • Teaches the others survival skills.
  • Teaches the others how to use weapons.
  • Keeps the maps, history books, and information to learn all their content.
  • Tries to instigate fights in the classroom for his/her own entertainment and threatens to blow cover of the rebellion if disciplinary action is taken (but is still with the rebellion and pays attention / behaves most of the time).
  • Sits in the corner and participates passively and only with encouragement (ie: the shy kid).
  • Runs in the morning or after school around the perimeter of the living area of the district to keep an eye on things (ie: athletic / track kid; there can be more than one of these since the district is large)

    We need all sorts of personality types. Leaders, followers, antagonists, perfectionists, critics, free spirits, etc. Think about what personality types would be great in the Hunger Games. Who would throw the first punch? Who would curl up in a ball and cry?

    Think of different ways your characters can be “related” to others in their class. I don’t want to see a crapton of siblings. Nor do I want to see “true love.” That doesn’t mean that there can’t be boyfriends and girlfriends and everything, but at 16/17 years old, they are unlikely to all stand up to the trials of the arena. Friendships, enemies, acquaintances. People who knew each other as kids, those who are neighbors, students who used to be friends. But most importantly, get your characters connected to others outside of their classroom.

    District 11 is the district of agriculture. You can always choose some agriculture-y names. Or this site for the lulz. Or this site for cool meanings and stuff.
These are only suggestions. You’re welcome to make up your own. If you take one of these, let us know here so we don’t have duplicates where duplicates aren’t allowed.

Now for the OoC Stuff
As you know, this is going to be a bit tough to pull off. We don’t want a repeat of 100.B where everyone knew each other and there was “true love” everywhere, which caused tons of drama. So there are a few things I want to point out…

YOUR CHARACTER WILL DIE. Seriously. There will be more than 24 kids in the arena with only one winner. Do not become too attached to your character.

Anyone found cheating, clinging to their character, or being a complete wet blanket will have their character eliminated from the Hunger Games. Depending upon how serious it is, you may not be allowed to participate in future Hunger Games.

If you go inactive or otherwise can’t participate in the Hunger Games (which will start in December), your character still goes to the Hunger Games OR will be removed so that someone else can have the position. You do not get to choose which. Though I really don’t know how many characters will be in the class, so if we have 50, for example, but the class is more like 35 students, then some we can say were in other classes the entire time. HOWEVER, make your characters expecting them to go into the Hunger Games.

Each member can have two characters in this event. If those characters get to 30 posts each, you may add a third character. However, be aware that I really want you to expand on connections outside of this subplot, which is why I have a post minimum here. And also, if you have more than two characters, one will have to be killed in the Bloodbath.

As kind of a general OoC summary . . . I really don’t know how this is going down come time for the Hunger Games. But by joining up for this event, you agree upon one thing: You are making a character that will die. Do not become too attached to him/her. Focus on the overall site plot.

I highly, highly suggest that if you have never been in the Hunger Games before to please read the guide before you join so you know what you’re getting into. At very least, please all members read / adhere to this section of the guide because it is magical and contains magical things.

Feel free to post in this thread with any questions.

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