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    Our next Hunger Games is a little different than our previous ones. Called "Battle Royale," this Hunger Games will feature one lucky class to be sent to the Hunger Games together. Mr. Dressler's honors history class tried to ignite revolution in Panem. And for their trouble, they will be sent to the arena together. Join us by making a high school junior (16-17 years old) from District 11. See the Battle Royale Subforum for more information. We aim to start in December so now's the time to start developing your character!
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Thank You

After four years, we have decided to close down Sixth Station. The site has meant so much to many of us who spent countless hours into our game. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our game.

The 101-Fall Hunger Games are wrapping up. You have 24-48 hours to enter the final posts. Members can still post in the "History of Sixth Station" and the "Connection" forums.


» 09. Why Should You Join SS?
Dr. Gemgebralth Taylor
 Posted: Nov 11 2011, 11:33 PM
Dungeon Master
35 Years
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Why Should You Join SS?

A Brief Guide

There are many Hunger Games sites around the internet, some old and others new. But you might find yourself asking, "Why should I join Sixth Station? What makes it different from other sites?" I encourage you to look around for your own to make sure that this is the right place for you, but here is my list of awesome reasons you should join this board.

- Sixth Station is the second longest running Hunger Games RP this side of the interwebs. Established in November 2010, it is over three years old.

- The staff is dedicated to running fair Hunger Games. We use a battle system tailored specifically to this RP. There are many rules associated with the Hunger Games to ensure the fairest Hunger Games we can provide. Because of this, we will personally help any member who needs assistance with our system.

- We have nine fully functioning Hunger Games under our belt. We learned from each one in order to make the next one better.

- On that note, I, as an admin, realize that no site is ever perfect. I strive to make Sixth Station the best site it can be, and it is with your participation and feedback that this is possible. Therefore, I want to hear your feedback and I will listen to whatever questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions you may have.

- Our district residents can intermingle. Which sounds funny, but it has worked for three years and you don't have to wait for someone else to join your district before you start playing.

- Dedication to community differentiates Sixth Station from many other boards. We don't just want to you to play on our site--we want to know you as a person. This does not mean we will pry into your personal life, but we do want you to feel like this is your site. You are not just a number.

- Things around here are pretty relaxed. There is no word count and there never will be one; we ask that you write as much or as little as your posts need in order to make the best impact. Activity checks are not life-threatening things. I use them to organize the claims; I do not delete accounts if they have a significant number of posts. Your work here is appreciated and not easily thrown away.

- The main draw of our site is the Hunger Games, but we have activities and events for all characters. Aside from the Hunger Games, we offer site-wide plots that involve characters from various usergroups. Some of these plots are Hunger Games-esque and run using a similar system and set of principles. Others are entirely different.

- If you want adventure threads, be my guest. If you want more day-to-day sort of threads--go for it.

- Hunger Games threads do have strict activity guidelines (at least one post every 4 days unless on an absence pass) but the rest of the site is more lenient. Please make sure to keep characters active in the threads they have. If you can't be active for all of your characters, do not put the inactive ones into threads.

- We try to have as many people involved in the Hunger Games as possible. This comes in the form of tributes, stylists, prep team, escorts, Capitolite citizens, and district residents back at home. Many times, we will make up plots to help get people involved.

I want Sixth Station to be a fun, relaxing place for people to play. There are a great many Hunger Games sites out there, and I would love to have you join Sixth Station. However, if you decide not to choose Sixth Station, I wish you the best of luck on your quest to find the site that best fits you.

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